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By Victory Multimedia
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This is a wonderfully easy-to-use English-Spanish dictionary and vocabulary tool that is stable (from a computer standpoint), and has good -- but not overly verbose definitions. As a physician who cares for many Hispanic patients and a teacher of medical Spanish, I find it invaluable for rapid reference after just a week. HOWEVER, the English pronunciations are VERY British and are TERRIBLY confusing to the Latin American students to whom I have demonstrated the program. After I contacted the company, they informed me that they have NO PLANS TO INCLUDE AMERICAN ENGLISH. Likewise, the Spanish is European. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO U.S. STUDENTS who want it to improve their pronunciation for use in situations where Latin American Spanish is spoken -- like the entire Western Hemisphere! It is analogous to foreigners who learn British English and then come to the U.S. When their accent is combined with their attempts at British pronunciation, they are very difficult to understand for most gringos. The vocabulary games seem rather basic, but I haven't explored them sufficiently to comment since I employ the program as a quick reference while writing in Spanish. In a nutshell, an EXCELLENT DICTIONARY for quick reference while writing, reading, or learning. TERRIBLE for learning American English pronunciation (e.g. a student studying for TOFEL) or Latin American Spanish pronunciation. (The following is based on limited observations.) The vocabulary games are rudimentary, and I hope that they will be more sophisticated in future releases (as far as more vocabulary catagories) to allow students to concentrate on specific areas easily.
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By Albert Einstein
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In "Relativity: The Special and the General Theory", Einstein describes the theories that made him famous, illuminating his case with numerous examples and a smattering of math (nothing more complex than high-school algebra). Einstein's book is not casual reading, but for those who appreciate his work without diving into the arcana of theoretical physics,  Relativity  will prove a stimulating read.
Author Jason McCoy AuthorBig Happy Family, LLC
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By EuroTalk Ltd
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EuroTalk is an educational publisher based in London, known primarily for its interactive language learning software. The company was established in 1991 by the company directors, Richard Howeson and Andrew Ashe. In 2016, EuroTalk rebranded as uTalk, and launched a new multi-platform app, also called uTalk.
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By Chris Watkins,Patsy Wagner
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`Certainly worth reading in order to be reminded of some positive reasons for entering the teaching profession: to value the process of education as much as the content, to view children holistically and to consider schools as places of learning for all′ -  British Journal of Special Education Behaviour difficulties in our schools will not go away, but they can be significantly reduced. This book makes available to practitioners and students the frameworks and ideas which will help them minimize behaviour difficulty in school. The authors address three important levels: the school, the classroom and the individual. At each level, they show how to identify and analyze patterns of difficulty, and then identify methods for improvement. Improving School Behaviour has been written in order to bring to readers useful approaches founded in a comprehensive range of useful international research, and in years of experience in working with schools. It is a mine of helpful ideas and practical approaches. This is not recipe book, or a source of quick fixes or favourite theories.
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By Arvind Narayanan
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Arvind Narayanan is assistant professor of computer science at Princeton University. Joseph Bonneau is a postdoctoral researcher at the Applied Cryptography Group at Stanford University. Edward Felten is director of Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy. Andrew Miller is a PhD student in computer science at the University of Maryland. Steven Goldfeder is a PhD student in computer science at Princeton.
AuthorArvind Narayanan Author 2Edward Felten
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By Alan Weller
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Here are 250 color and black-and-white examples of some of the finest and most influential examples of anatomical art ever published. Scientifically accurate for their time, finely rendered drawings and paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Vesalius, Albinus, and others depict bones, muscles, organs, and tissues. Files are included in multiple formats: JPEG, TIFF, and EPS vectors.
AuthorAlan Weller BindingPaperback