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By Padberg Thomas
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The financial statements of banks differ very much from those of non-banks. The assets and liabilities are mostly financial based, and the equity ratio is far lower than the equity ratios of industrial companies. Banking supervision has a big influence on the financial statements too. Recent years have shown the risks which can evolve from banks, but normal instruments of financial statement analysis are not sufficient to analyse banks and locate these risks: different methods are needed.This book, by experienced bank analyst Thomas Padberg, provides analysts and investors with the tools to analyse bank financial statements, find problems in bank finances, and assess the risks of banks. Examples with real bank financial data are used to show readers the step-by-step methods to follow when looking at bank financial statements.The book covers:- The specific accounting rules that apply to banks.- How to analyse bank segment reporting.- The ratios to use when analysing bank financial statements.- How to analyse bank profit and loss accounts.- Equity analysis and stock analysis of banks.This is an essential guide for all analysts and serious investors who need to analyse bank financial statements.
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By Karen Peloille
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The English language edition of the successful French publication.The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading indicator is an information-rich and extremely reliable tool that can be employed across all time frames. Once you have learned the subtleties of the method and understand its unique system of validating price movements, it will improve your trading.Trading with Ichimoku is a practical handbook explaining the different elements of the Ichimoku system of chart reading, from the description of each of its five lines to their interpretation within a wider process of trading analysis.You will rapidly conclude that even though there are only five lines to look at on Ichimoku charts, the information given is more than enough to achieve a detailed and broad view of market and what the price action reveals.Part 1 is devoted to the theoretical description of the various components making up Ichimoku.Part 2 explains how to trade with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo through several examples in various time frames.Part 3 introduces trading methods that combine classical trading tools with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.Explanations and examples are illustrated throughout with detailed colour charts.Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished trader, you should add a knowledge of Ichimoku to your armoury to improve your analysis and your results. Reviews from French readers:"I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn to use Ichimoku."Clear explanations and especially great tips on how to trade."Very informative book with clear and precise examples."Good balance between the theory, analysis and trading."
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By Christin ter Braak-Forstinger
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Conscious investing makes the investor as happy as the investee, it is the joint creation of value for society." --Martin Essl, Founder of the Essl Foundation. "Now is the time to rethink growth and radically change the way of investing in order to save the planet. With her book "Conscious Investing", Christin ter Braak-Forstinger provides a comprehensive guide for the societal shift towards sustainability." --Dr. Franz Fischler, President of the European Forum Alpbach. "... After reading this book investors will have gained a holistic insight into how they can use their capital to benefit the issues that matter to them, as well as make a proft along the way. Not only might Conscious Investing make you a better investor, it might also make you a better person." --Richard Gill, Master Investor Magazine. "These days stakeholders deal with a drastic change in investment approach facing an unavoidable responsibility for sustainable development. In her book "Conscious Investing", Christin ter Braak-Forstinger outlines a series of impact-investing stories that provide vivid examples of how you can pursue positive economic outcomes and scalable societal impact in the same time". --Ruben Vardanyan, entrepreneur, Investor & philanthropist Dr Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. is the founder of PVA Advisory, an independent philanthropic and impact investing advisory firm in Zurich/CH. Christin completed her LL.M. at Duke Law School and her doctoral thesis at Harvard Law School. Christin has 15 years of experience as a financial lawyer and project manager for HNWI and a deep knowledge and personal passion in the area of philanthropy and impact investing. She also has extensive grassroots experience in Africa. Christin is the author of several books and peer-reviewed articles in philanthropy and impact investing. She received several awards for her doctoral thesis. Privately, Christin is the co-founder and president of a distinguished Austrian-, Swiss- and Ghana-based NGO supporting vulnerable children in Africa ( She also sits on the Board of Plan International Switzerland ( Personally, she is passionate about conscious investing and high impact philanthropy on a bottom-up level. She is also a certified yoga teacher. Christin is the mother of two children and passionate about yoga and fly fishing.
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