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By Barry Burns
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Trend trading lets the market do the work for you Is your portfolio doing all it should? Are you looking for a market-focused way to increase returns? Try your hand at trend trading. Instead of analyzing the performance of a company, analyze the performance of the market as a whole. When you spot a trend, jump on it and let it ride until it's time to move. Whether your strategy is short-term, intermediate-term, or long-term, trend trading can help you capitalize on the action of market and get the most out of every move you make. Trend Trading For Dummies will get you up to speed on the ins and outs of this unique technique. You'll learn how to spot the trends and just how heavily market analysis figures into your success. You can get as complex as you like with the data for long-term predictions or just go for quick rides that pump up your gains. Before you jump in, you need to know the basics that can help ensure your success. * Learn the rules of trend trading and why you need a solid system * Understand technical analysis to make accurate predictions * Analyze the market and learn what to look for before you trade * Use leverage to your advantage to make better moves Trend Trading For Dummies includes trading strategies that you can use as-is, or customize to suit your needs. Thorough preparation is the key to any good trading plan, and it's no different with trend trading. Trend Trading For Dummies allows you to trade using every angle, and will get you out of or into the market in a flash.
AuthorBarry Burns BindingPaperback
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By Alexander Elder
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Many brokerage houses use this 1992 video to train their young brokers and traders. It is a perfect tool for intelligent beginners for quickly mastering the essentials of technical analysis: * Basic chart patterns, * Trendlines, support & resistance, * Computerized analysis, * Trend-following indicators, * Oscillators, * Developing a trading system, * Choosing software, * Basic psychology and money management. With the DVD set, you get a beautiful full-screen view and a visual menu, allowing you to click on any chapter on that DVD. This visual menu is available only on DVDs. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for disk delivery (we generally ship the same day).  
AuthorAlexander Elder BindingDVD
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By Mark Minervini
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Investing Champion and the author of the international best-sellers Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard and Think and Trade Like a Champion. Mark's journey from rags-to-riches is a remarkable and inspiring success story. His success, books and performance coaching have become legendary around the world. What's Inside and What You Will Learn... How to calibrate your belief system for SUCCESS How to build the self-image of a CHAMPION How to feel deserving and expect to WIN How to master and apply PERFECT PRACTICE to any task How to properly prepare for your big day How to PERFORM at your BEST under pressure How to bring the best version of yourself to EVERYTHING YOU DO!
AuthorMark Minervini BindingPaperback
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By Constance Brown
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In "Fibonacci Analysis," Constance Brown distills for traders the essentials of this little-understood but highly effective technical analysis tool. Emphasizing practical market applications that can be put to use immediately, this book: shows how to use Fibonacci ratios for price projection, provides detailed charts of actual trading situations, explains the importance of proportion when analyzing charts, alerts traders to the most common errors, and describes how to identify false signals. Brown gives traders a better understanding of this powerful technical analysis tool, leading to more effective trading.
AuthorConstance Brown BindingHardcover
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By Adam S. Iqbal
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V olatility: Practical Options Theory dissects options—the financial contracts that provide exposure to volatility risk—to help readers marry foundational knowledge with practical application. While textbook treatments of the mathematical theory of options are abundant, this book is unique in its emphasis on developing an intuitive understanding of both the basic and advanced ideas in options theory. The discussion examines options theory concepts both with and without mathematical models, and then further develops this approach with insightful guidance on merging the two perspectives to serve practical implementation. This translational approach may prove particularly valuable to options traders and other practitioners tasked with making pricing or risk management decisions in an environment where time constraints mean that simplicity and intuition is of more value than mathematical formalism. Develop a deeper understanding of option greeks, delta hedging, implied volatility, and other major concepts based on intuitive economic arguments before applying a mathematical model. Translate theoretical ideas into practice. Delve into the Black-Scholes-Merton model and its underlying theoretical assumptions—and their implications—in a way that facilitates real-world implementation. Refresh calculus and advanced statistical skills using helpful appendices that provide important formulae and functions. Author Adam S. Iqbal argues that option trading's main challenges are conceptual rather than mathematical; by tackling these challenges head-on and providing a clear link between theoretical and practical, this book offers traders, portfolio managers, investment managers, risk managers, and other market practitioners an invaluable source of insight designed to facilitate more effective volatility strategy. Comprehensive in scope and depth, Volatility: Practical Options Theory provides a much-needed reference for practitioners seeking a more effective grasp of options and volatility.  
AuthorAdam S. Iqbal BindingHardcover
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By Louis C. Gerken
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A little book full of enormous value for novices and seasoned venture capitalists alike After having been thrown for a loop by the bursting of the tech bubble more than a decade ago, the venture capital industry suddenly has come roaring back to life over the past two years. In 2011 alone, more than $7.5 billion in venture capital was invested representing more than a 19% increase over the previous year in more than 966 companies. A majority of these companies reside in the life sciences, Internet, and alternative energy sectors. In today's weak job market, VC is more important than ever, since financing new tech, alternative energy, media, and other small to mid-sized companies is vital to creating new jobs. Written by Lou Gerken, a noted international authority on venture capital and alternative investments, this book tells you everything you need to know about the venture capital industry's important role in enhancing economic growth and employment. It is also the perfect go to primer on making venture capital investments to enhance portfolio returns. * Highly accessible explanations of the ins and outs of venture capital for would-be investors and experienced VCs * Highlights the historical VC track record, and offers expert advice and guidance on venture capital exposure, investment options, sourcing opportunities and due diligence * Provides proven strategies for successful investment selection, timing, monitoring, and exiting for optimum returns * Features endorsements from luminaries of the VC world, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers co-founder Frank Caulfield, and Dr. Art Laffer, among others
AuthorLouis C. Gerken BindingHardcover
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By Jake Bernstein
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stock day trading can be exceptionally profitable. Get the facts and figures on exciting day trading breakthroughs - combined with hands-on guidance from one of today's leading market experts - in Jake Bernstein's "The Compleat Guide to Day Trading Stocks".
AuthorJake Bernstein BindingHardcover
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By Andreas F. Clenow
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Following the Trend explains why most fail by focusing on the wrong things, such as buy and sell rules, and teaches the truly important parts of trend following. Trading everything from the Nasdaq index and T-bills to currency crosses, platinum and live hogs, there are large gains to be made regardless of the state of the economy or stock markets. By analysing year-by-year trend-following performance and attribution the reader will be able to build a deep understanding of what it is like to trade futures at a large scale and where the real problems and opportunities lay. Written by experienced hedge fund manager Andreas Clenow, this book provides a comprehensive insight into the strategies behind the booming trend-following futures industry from the perspective of a market participant. The strategies behind the success of this industry are explained in great detail, including complete trading rules and instructions for how to replicate the performance of successful hedge funds.
AuthorAndreas F. Clenow BindingHardcover
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By Christian L. Dunis, Jason Laws, Patrick Naïm
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This book provides a manual on quantitative financial analysis. Focusing on advanced methods for modelling financial markets in the context of practical financial applications, it will cover data, software and techniques that will enable the reader to implement and interpret quantitative methodologies, specifically for trading and investment. Includes contributions from an international team of academics and quantitative asset managers from Morgan Stanley, Barclays Global Investors, ABN AMRO and Credit Suisse First Boston. Fills the gap for a book on applied quantitative investment & trading models Provides details of how to combine various models to manage and trade a portfolio.
AuthorChristian L. Dunis, Jason Laws, Patrick Naïm BindingHardcover
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