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By Schwed Fred
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"Once I picked it up I did not put it down until I finished. . . . What Schwed has done is capture fully–in deceptively clean language–the lunacy at the heart of the investment business." – From the Foreword by Michael Lewis, Bestselling author of Liar?s Poker ". . . one of the funniest books ever written about Wall Street." –– Jane Bryant Quinn, The Washington Post "How great to have a reissue of a hilarious classic that proves the more things change the more they stay the same. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." –– Michael Bloomberg "It?s amazing how well Schwed?s book is holding up after fifty–five years. About the only thing that?s changed on Wall Street is that computers have replaced pencils and graph paper. Otherwise, the basics are the same. The investor?s need to believe somebody is matched by the financial advisor?s need to make a nice living. If one of them has to be disappointed, it?s bound to be the former." –– John Rothchild, Author, A Fool and His Money, Financial Columnist, Time magazine Humorous and entertaining, this book exposes the folly and hypocrisy of Wall Street. The title refers to a story about a visitor to New York who admired the yachts of the bankers and brokers. Naively, he asked where all the customers? yachts were? Of course, none of the customers could afford yachts, even though they dutifully followed the advice of their bankers and brokers. Full of wise contrarian advice and offering a true look at the world of investing, in which brokers get rich while their customers go broke, this book continues to open the eyes of investors to the reality of Wall Street.
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By Yamada Louise
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Renowned for her analytical brilliance and extraordinary forecasting ability, LOUISE YAMADA examines the forces that will shape the markets for the next ten years "Few on Wall Street can match Louise Yamada for analytical ability as well as insight on the big issues affecting investors. We are fortunate she is willing to share the results of her thoughts and research with us."–Mark Haines, CNBC "Louise Yamada has a special talent for anticipating future financial trends. Market Magic is a must read for investors as we prepare for the exciting decade ahead."–David Cork, F.C.S.I. author of The Pig and the Python: How to Prosper from the Aging Baby Boom "Market Magic demystifies the voodoo of technical analysis and relates technical indicators to the real world of stocks and bonds and demographic and economic trends worldwide."–Oscar S. Schafer, General Partner Cumberland Associates; Member, Barron′s Roundtable
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By Vanstone Bruce
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In Designing Stock Market Trading Systems Bruce Vanstone and Tobias Hahn guide you through their tried and tested methodology for building rule-based stock market trading systems using both fundamental and technical data. This book shows the steps required to design and test a trading system until a trading edge is found, how to use artificial neural networks and soft computing to discover an edge and exploit it fully. Learn how to build trading systems with greater insight and dependability than ever before Most trading systems today fail to incorporate data from existing research into their operation. This is where Vanstone and Hahn's methodology is unique. Designed to integrate the best of past research on the workings of financial markets into the building of new trading systems, this synthesis helps produce stock market trading systems with unrivalled depth and accuracy. This book therefore includes a detailed review of key academic research, showing how to test existing research, how to take advantage of it by developing it into a rule-based trading system, and how to improve it with artificial intelligence techniques.The ideas and methods described in this book have been tried and tested in the heat of the market. They have been used by hedge funds to build their trading systems. Now you can use them too.
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