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The Financial Universe deconstructs the future in clear masterful strokes. An absolute must read text not only for professionals in financial services and related industries but also for anyone who relies on the future for business and personal planning. Written by one of the world's foremost financial astrologers, The Financial Universe highlights periods to maximize investment returns and minimize portfolio losses through exposure to geopolitical events and circumstances, and financial market hotspots. This important new text maps out potential responses by international stock markets to world events that are predicted between now and the year 2020. The Financial Universe is written for those who have little understanding of astrological terminology. The book deconstructs the complex relationship of planetary alignments, sun spot patterns, and other cosmic influences. Through astrological forecasting The Financial Universe illustrates the direct impact that world events might have on global stock markets. It presents not only a compelling analysis of the financial astrology behind previous market events but also suggests concrete strategies for professionals to confront challenges which lie ahead. Specific chapters are devoted to the City of London market and Wall Street. Important market turning points to be anticipated in the years 2004-2020 are forecast and explained against world affairs, and finance and investment opportunities.
AuthorChristeen Skinner BindingPaperback