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By Andrew Henderson
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Direct honest . Experienced . Unapologentic . Practical . Transparent Even Funny The Nomad Capitalist  Will  Show You How to Take This "E-K-G Formula To ENHANCE your personal Lifestyle Keep More Of your Money And Grow Your Money By Living , Investing, Banking , And Doing Bisiness Overseas  Form  Foregin Companies to Offshore Account And From  Overseas Investment  to dual Citizenship , you' ll find everything you need to know to begin  A Life of international  Proportions , Storing Gold In Super- Secret Vault Finding Love in Exotic Location ,and improving Everything From Your Tax Bill  By  Simply " Going Where You Treated Best   It is not Longer Enough To be a Digital Nomad . Those Who want Complete Freedom From  The World Broken  Systems Must become Nomad Capitalists , learning To Navigate the world system to reclaim their freedom and rediscover the possibilities of capitalism's Greatest Promises 
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By Mark Aarons,Vlad Ender,Andrew Wilkinson
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S ecuritisation Swaps provides the information needed to acquire a clear understanding of the structuring, pricing and risk management of securitisation swaps. This handbook is designed for all parties dealing with the complexity of structured funding, whether directly or as a service-provider. The authors demystify the complex, multiple moving parts that comprise a securitisation swap and reveal how rigorous modelling and a wide variety of risk-mitigating structures can help manage these complex risks. The book highlights securitisation swaps in structured funding transactions where the underlying debt is residential mortgages in predominantly floating rate markets, auto loans and credit card receivables. This invaluable guide provides essential knowledge that can also be applied to other underlying asset classes. Both sophisticated professionals and those with little or no securitisation knowledge will find Securitisation Swaps to be a must-have handbook for developing a deep understanding of this unique and complex class of derivatives.
AuthorMark Aarons,Vlad Ender,Andrew Wilkinson BindingHardcover
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By Giacomo Morri,Paolo Benedetto
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Determining the true value of a commercial property is essential in many circumstances, such as for investment or strategic purposes as well as for economic feasibility studies. Commercial Property Valuation offers a comprehensive guide that helps determine the Market Value of a property using logical, clear and mutually agreeable methods based on credible and objective data. Supported by a straightforward description of the economic characteristics of properties as well as of their risks, Commercial Property Valuation offers an approach to valuation that looks at each property as a company, whose value directly depends on the revenues deriving by the product offered to the marketplace – the use of space leased to tenants, and its related risk. Examples and case studies are also provided to support the theoretical base and to facilitate an immediate comprehension and application. Based on the authors combined professional and academic experience, Commercial Property Valuation is a real-world guide for distinguishing theory from what is effective in practice and is addressed to both professionals who operate in the real estate sector and the inexperienced who, for personal or professional reasons, need to estimate the value of a real estate asset.
AuthorGiacomo Morri,Paolo Benedetto BindingHardcover
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By Michael B. Miller 
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A mathematical guide to measuring and managing financial risk.      Our modern economy depends on financial markets. Yet financial markets continue to grow in size and complexity. As a result, the management of financial risk has never been more important. Quantitative Financial Risk Management  introduces students and risk professionals to financial risk management with an emphasis on financial models and mathematical techniques. Each chapter provides numerous sample problems and end of chapter questions. The book provides clear examples of how these models are used in practice and encourages readers to think about the limits and appropriate use of financial models. Topics include: •    Value at risk •    Stress testing •    Credit risk •    Liquidity risk •    Factor analysis •    Expected shortfall •    Copulas •    Extreme value theory •    Risk model backtesting •    Bayesian analysis •     . . . and much more
AuthorMichael B. Miller  BindingHardcover
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By Robert D. Knapp
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The Supernova Multiplier provides the tools to help financial advisors develop better habits, build better networks and lead their teams to better outcomes. Aimed at high performers, this book contains real-life stories from financial advisors who adopted the Supernova Process and grew their practices in a world of no cold-calling and limited growth. They share with you, the reader, the secrets that built their success. Knapp's seven growth strategies represent the experiences of coaching thousands of financial advisors over a 20-year period. Through research and trial and error, he has adopted the best of the best and created a process that will result in consistent and explosive growth and tremendous personal satisfaction from helping clients reach their goals. Knapp's Supernova client-based practice management paradigm has enabled financial advisors to perform and grow, encouraging them to forgo the outdated tiered model of service and instead, craft a practice based on a limited number of clients that are given the same high level of service. This service model has translated into financial professionals building and achieving exceptional growth, higher client satisfaction, and optimized efficiency that leaves more time for family and personal pursuits. The Supernova Multiplier will touch on four key areas. First, how to use specific acquisition techniques to grow their practice. Second, how to measure performance and be accountable for it. Third, how to apply the rule of reciprocity by giving to give, not to get. And, finally, how to develop an environment of trust within your practice and with your clients that differentiates you from the crowd and elevates you in an industry full of mistrust. Knapp's passion and commitment for helping financial advisors pursue excellence is evident in every page of The Supernova Multiplier. He has held nothing back except for his own evolving intellect. For more information you can contact him at
AuthorRobert D. Knapp BindingHardcover
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By Danielle Stein Fairhurst 
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First published in 2012,  Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling  contains step-by-step instructions of how to solve common business problems using financial models, including downloadable Excel templates, a list of shortcuts and tons of practical tips and techniques you can apply straight away. Whilst there are many hundreds of tools, features and functions in Excel, this book focuses on the topics most relevant to finance professionals. It covers these features in detail from a practical perspective, but also puts them in context by applying them to practical examples in the real world. Learn to create financial models to help make business decisions whilst applying modelling best practice methodology, tools and techniques.
AuthorDanielle Stein Fairhurst  BindingPaperback
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By Paul Asquith,Lawrence A. Weiss
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A business can withstand bad products, ineffective marketing, and negative earnings yet still  stay in business —as long as there's positive cash flow. Managing cash flow is one of the key responsibilities of the chief financial officer (CFO), who also makes decisions on how to obtain and invest capital. All successful CFOs use a specialized set of financial tools to make value-enhancing business decisions, and  Lessons in Corporate Finance  is your state-of-the-art toolbox. This refreshingly original treatment of corporate finance looks at case studies from the business world, as early as the 1970s up to today, and sheds light on the theory and practical formulas driving the decision-making process in all areas of corporate finance, including capital structure and financing, pro forma forecasts, valuation, dividends, debt maturity, asymmetric information, and more. Written by award-winning professors at M.I.T. and Tufts University, this versatile guide incorporates years of research and instructional expertise to deliver a personable, interactive resource. The masterful discussion-based format goes beyond simple memorization and facilitates applicable learning that enables you to simultaneously develop your knowledge, skills, and instincts. By the end, you will know how to:
AuthorPaul Asquith,Lawrence A. Weiss BindingHardcover
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By Jeffrey R. Greene,Steve Krouskos,Julie Hood,Harsha Basnayake,William Casey
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Future-proof your business today for stronger performance tomorrow The Stress Test Every Business Needs A Capital Agenda for Confidently Facing Digital Disruption, Difficult Investors, Recessions and Geopolitical Threats provides a comprehensive approach to creating value and flexibility in an increasingly volatile business environment that presents both great risks and opportunities every day. The authors extend the banking "stress test" concept to a company's Capital Agenda -- how executives manage capital, execute transactions and apply corporate finance tools to strategic and operational decisions. Having a static Capital Agenda, however appropriate for your current market position, is not enough in today's uncertain world. Long-term success comes from building resilience into each element and in the way those elements interact. The book uses a broader definition of business stress that includes traditional macroeconomic and geopolitical risks, as well as technological disruption, hostile takeovers and activist shareholders. Companies that make poor strategic decisions or underperform operationally will likely find themselves facing great stress. And that stress is symmetric; threats come from downside risks and from missed opportunities. The chapters address the how and why of essential issues such as: Formulating corporate strategy in a digital world Pre-empting activist shareholders Restoring distressed companies to operational and financial health Ensuring effective collaboration among strategy, finance and operations Getting the most out of your advisors Proactively managing intrinsic value Rigorously allocating capital across the enterprise Acquiring and divesting for optimum value Syncing financing decisions with business strategy and capital market conditions Incorporating tax planning throughout the Capital Agenda Liberating excess cash with leading working capital management practices Aligning strategic goals and metrics to reach your company's full potential Companies that develop strategy and set operational priorities with a balanced Capital Agenda are best positioned to control their own destiny. The Stress Test Every Business Needs provides a roadmap to future-proof your business today for stronger performance tomorrow.
AuthorJeffrey R. Greene,Steve Krouskos,Julie Hood,Harsha Basnayake,William Casey BindingHardcover
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