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If you fall into the age-old trap of believing that market success comes from predicting whether a stock or market will rise or fall, this book will prove an eye-opening and mind-expanding revelation on a new way of trading that you have never considered before! The hard part of investing is predicting which way a stock or market will move. The premise of this book is that one no longer needs to predict the DIRECTION of future price movement to make money.
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By Louis Lukac
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Futures trading systems researchers and developers will find a gold mine and a wealth of information in this book. It shows the detailed results of twelve different systems which are thoroughly researched in twelve different markets over a 7 year period. This material was originally the basis for Louis Lukac's Masters Degree at Purdue University. The research in this book covers the seven-year period from 1978 through 1984. One might wonder what research that seems so dated can still be useful, much less valuable. Read the Publisher's Foreword below to see why!
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