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By Robert Rodriguez
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ROBERT RODRIGUEZ is an independent screenwriter and director of more than fifteen feature films. He pioneered the “Mariachi-style” and “one-man film crew” styles of filmmaking, and is the founder of the production company, Troublemaker Studios. Some of Rodriguez’s films include  Sin City, Desperado ,  Once Upon a Time in Mexico ,  The Faculty ,  Sharkboy and Lavagirl ,  Spy Kids ,  Planet Terror , and  Machete . He has collaborated with Quentin Tarantino on  From Dusk Till Dawn  and  Grindhouse. 
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By Mark Douglas
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Mark Douglas  is the author of  The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes , published in 1990 and considered an industry classic and one of the first books to introduce the investment industry to the concept of trading psychology. Mark began coaching traders in 1982, and has continued to develop seminar and training programs on trading psychology for the investment industry, as well as individual traders. He has been a frequent speaker at seminars across the world as well as in the United States, teaching traders how to become consistently successful. He can be reached through his website
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By Lawrence G. McMillan
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The market in listed options and non-equity option products provides investors and traders with a wealth of new, strategic opportunities for managing their investments. This updated and revised Fifth Edition of the bestselling Options as a Strategic Investment gives you the latest market-tested tools for improving the earnings potential of your portfolio while reducing downside risk—no matter how the market is performing. Inside this revised edition are scores of proven techniques and business-tested tactics for investing in many of the innovative new options products available. You will find: •Buy and sell strategies for Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) •A thorough analysis of neutral trading, how it works, and various ways it can improve readers’ overall profit picture •Detailed guidance for investing in Preferred Equity Redemption Cumulative Stocks (PERCS) and how to hedge them with common and regular options •An extensive overview of futures and futures options
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Douglas uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money. He takes on the myths of the market and exposes them one by one teaching traders to look beyond random outcomes, to understand the true realities of risk, and to be comfortable with the "probabilities" of market movement that governs all market speculation.
AuthorMark Douglas BindingHardcover