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By Sumantra Ghoshal,D. Eleanor Westney
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The original edition of,  Organization Theory and the Multinational Corporation  was a seminal influence in bringing together research on organization theory and international management, particularly the multinational corporation with contributions from leading thinkers. In this new edition, following the untimely death of Sumantra Ghoshal, the contributions have been revised and updated to reflect and incorporate new paradigms and thinking in both fields. SUMANTRA GHOSHAL held the Chair of Strategic Leadership at the London Business School until his death in 2004. He received doctoral degrees in International Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management and in Business Policy at Harvard Business School. He was a recognized leader in the study of strategic and organizational challenges facing large, complex organizations. He was the author of twelve books and many articles that appeared in a wide range of scholarly journals. The  Financial Times  described him as, "arguably the most influential academic working in the field of international business". D. ELEANOR WESTNEY is the Society of Sloan Fellows Professor in the Strategy and International Management group at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She has researched and written widely on cross-societal transfer and adaption of organizational patterns, organizations and social change in Japan, and the organization of multinational corporations. She is a leading figure in international business and management research.
AuthorSumantra Ghoshal,D. Eleanor Westney BindingPaperback
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By Philip Arestis,Luiz Fernando de Paula
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Empirical research has shown that there is little relationship between financial liberalization and economic growth in emerging countries. Although international financial integration should, in principle, help countries to reduce macroeconomic instability and enhance economic growth, the available evidence suggests that developing countries have not always reaped these potential benefits. This volume discusses the relationship between financial liberalisation, financial deepening and economic performance from both a theoretical and a policy perspective, comparing several 'big' emerging countries – Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa – as well as presenting case studies. Its main contribution is to analyse issues that are related to financial liberalisation in emerging countries focusing on recent experiences, with a particular focus on the policy dimension of financial liberalisation: the degree of autonomy of domestic economic policy, and the different policy responses by countries to deal with issues caused by the international financial integration. This volume includes contributions from a wide range of experts on finance liberalisation and the economics of developing countries, and will be of great interest to scholars and policymakers in these crucial areas.
AuthorPhilip Arestis,Luiz Fernando de Paula BindingHardcover
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By Michael T. Belongia,Jane M. Binner
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In this book leading researchers from universities around the world bring together new ideas on measurement and computation of indices fro the financial sector. The book is divided into three parts. The first part contains two papers which present particularly new ideas and applications on models of the supply and demand for monetary assets in the UK. The first paper by William Barnett, Barry Jones, Milka Kirova, Travis Nesmith and Meenakshi Pasupathy explores some of the more popular cases in which cointegration is used as a basis for the construction of linear models and, and runs tests for nonlinearity of the linear combination of the cointegrated variables. The second, by John Conlon, Robert Dorsey and Norman Womer estimates the money aggregator function, using a new functional form that has a number of properties which make it useful for representing money aggregator functions. The second part contains five papers on new approaches to hypothesis testing and data analysis. This includes a new approach to the smoothing problem by Erwin Diewert and Tim Wales and developing tests for a global maximum by Robert Dorsey and Walter Mayer. The final section considers problems of money measurement and debates issue central to the performance of Divisia monetary aggregates. The conclusions are that Divisia monetary aggregates outperform their simple sum counterparts in a range of applications.
AuthorMichael T. Belongia,Jane M. Binner BindingHardcover
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By McGraw-Hill
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Inspire Science 2.0 science handbook is an easy-to-use research and reference tool covering all core science topics which teaches students research and cross-referencing skills. McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide
AuthorMcGraw-Hill BindingHardcover
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