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By Perry J. Kaufman
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With recent advances in institutional trading strategies—most notably high-frequency trading and artificial intelligence—generating rewards against high-tech competition has seemed next to impossible. In this updated  Sixth Edition  of the bestselling classic  Trading Systems and Methods , market guru Perry Kaufman provides investors with tools they can use to make large gains, even in today's complex markets. For nearly three decades,  Trading Systems and Methods  has provided investors with basic knowledge (starting with an introduction to technical analysis, statistics, and market charting) and detailed strategies (from behavioral techniques to advanced approaches like neural networks) enabling them to identify big-picture trends and capture extreme price moves. Unlike many books on market trading,  Trading Systems and Methods  takes the approach that, applied the right way, many systems can be successful under different market conditions. It shows you how to identify and evaluate those conditions, and how to apply the strategies. Tools available on the Companion Website allow for valuable hands-on experimentation, so you can enter the market with a sound plan. Today's traders need the confidence to take on risk more than they ever have, thanks to current market conditions and technological advances. A basic understanding of risk management and volatility stabilization must now be replaced by more advanced knowledge. Kaufman recognizes risk acceptance as one of the most important aspects of any trading system, and this  Sixth Edition  is accordingly more focused on risk profiling and complex risk modeling, than its predecessors. To make way for this new emphasis, Kaufman has also completely revised the text to be better organized and shares more concise, with to-the-point trading explanations. Busy professionals and international traders will especially appreciate this new text.
AuthorPerry J. Kaufman BindingHardcover
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By Richard L. Peterson
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In his debut book on trading psychology,  Inside the Investor's Brain , Richard Peterson demonstrated how managing emotions helps top investors outperform. Now, in  Trading on Sentiment , he takes you inside the science of crowd psychology and demonstrates that not only do price patterns exist, but the most predictable ones are rooted in our shared human nature. Peterson's team developed text analysis engines to mine data ? topics, beliefs, and emotions? from social media. Based on that data, they put together a market-neutral social media-based hedge fund that beat the S&P 500 by more than twenty-four percent?through the 2008 financial crisis. In this groundbreaking guide, he shows you how they did it and why it works. Applying algorithms to social media data opens up an unprecedented world of insight into the elusive patterns of investor sentiment driving repeating market moves. Inside, you gain a privileged look at the news and social media themes that move investors, along with time-tested techniques to make the smart moves?even when  it doesn't feel right . This book digs underneath technicals and fundamentals to explain the primary mover of market prices ? the global information flow and how investors react to it. It provides the expert guidance you need to develop a competitive edge, manage risk, and overcome our sometimes-flawed human nature. Learn how traders are using sentiment analysis and statistical tools in order to: Foresee how market prices will be influenced by news, rumor, and social media Identify when prices are trending, when trends are turning, and when sharp market moves are likely to reverse Improve value and momentum-based investment returns Take advantage of unique price patterns found in commodities, currencies, and during speculative bubbles Forecast changes in global economic activity Overcome the most common mistakes of the investing herd
AuthorRichard L. Peterson BindingHardcover
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By Aswath Damodaran
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Choosing the right investment philosophy is the heart of successful investing. To make the choice, though, you need to look within before you look outside. In the  Second Edition  of  Investment Philosophies,  New York University Stern Business School Professor Aswath Damodaran will help you do this by going beyond the simple explanations of traditional and alternative investment strategies to discuss the individual underlying philosophies that support these techniques. This reliable resource skillfully explores many of the time-tested investment philosophies that have allowed investors to reap financial rewards over the years, including value investing, growth investing, technical analysis, market timing, arbitrage, indexing, and more. Along the way, it exposes you to a wide array of investment philosophies so as to give you a sense of what drives investors in each one, how they attempt to put these philosophies into practice, and what determines ultimate success. Author Aswath Damodaran also supplies you with the tools—the definition and measurement of risk, the notion of market efficiency and how to test for inefficiencies, and the components and determinants of trading costs—and empirical evidence for you to make your own judgments on the investment philosophy that fits your specific investment goals and views of how markets work. Filled with valuable insights and useful formulas, this book provides you with the information you need to pick an investment philosophy that is right for you. With the  Second Edition  of  Investment Philosophies  as your guide, you can enter the markets with confidence and exit with profits.
AuthorAswath Damodaran BindingHardcover
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By Jack D. Schwager
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The world's top trader's reveal the secrets of their phenomenal success! How do the world's most successful traders amass tens, hundreds of millions of dollars a year? Are they masters of an occult knowledge, lucky winners in a random market lottery, natural-born virtuosi Mozarts of the markets? In search of an answer, bestselling author Jack D. Schwager interviewed dozens of top traders across most financial markets. While their responses differed in the details, all of them could be boiled down to the same essential formula: solid methodology + proper mental attitude = trading success. In Market Wizards Schwager lets you hear, in their own words, what those super-traders had to say about their unprecedented successes, and he distils their responses down into a set of guiding principles you can use to become a trading star in your own right. * Features interviews with superstar money-makers including Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, Michel Steinhardt, Ed Seykota, Marty Schwartz, Tom Baldwin, and more * Tells the true stories behind sensational trading coups, including the one about the trader who turned $30,000 into $80 million, the hedge fund manager who's averaged 30% returns every year for the past twenty-one years, and the T-bond futures trader who parlayed $25,000 into $2 billion in a single day! "Market Wizards is one of the most fascinating books ever written about Wall Street. A few of the 'Wizards' are my friends and Jack Schwager has nailed their modus operandi on the head." --Martin W. Zweig, Ph.D., Editor, The Zweig Forecast
AuthorJack D. Schwager BindingPaperback
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By Al Brooks
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Praise for Trading Price Action Trading Ranges "Al Brooks has written a book every day trader should read. On all levels, he has kept trading simple, straightforward, and approachable. By teaching traders that there are no rules, just guidelines, he has allowed basic common sense to once again rule how real traders should approach the market. This is a must–read for any trader that wants to learn his own path to success." Noble DraKoln, founder,, and author of  Trade Like a Pro  and  Winning the Trading Game "A great trader once told me that success was a function of focused energy. This mantra is proven by Al Brooks, who left a thriving ophthalmology practice to become a day trader. Al′s intense focus on daily price action has made him a successful trader. A born educator, Al also is generous with his time, providing detailed explanations on how he views daily price action and how other traders can implement his ideas with similar focus and dedication. Al′s book is no quick read, but an in–depth road map on how he trades today′s volatile markets, complete with detailed strategies, real–life examples, and hard–knocks advice." Ginger Szala, Publisher and Editorial Director, Futures magazine Over the course of his career, author Al Brooks, a technical analysis contributor to  Futures magazine and an independent trader for twenty–five years, has found a way to capture consistent profits regardless of market direction or economic climate. And now, with his new three–book series which focuses on how to use price action to trade the markets Brooks takes you step by step through the entire process.    
AuthorAl Brooks BindingHardcover
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