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By Christopher W. Mayer
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This book is about 100-baggers. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested. That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1 million. Chris Mayer can help you find them. It sounds like an outrageous quest with a wildly improbable chance of success. But when Mayer studied 100-baggers of the past, definite patterns emerged. In 100-Baggers, you will learn the key characteristics of 100-baggers why anybody can do this. It is truly an everyman s approach. You don t need an MBA or a finance degree. Some basic financial concepts are all you need a number of crutches or techniques that can help you get more out of your stocks and investing. The emphasis is always on the practical, so there are many stories and anecdotes to help illustrate important points. You should read this book if you want to get more out of your stocks. Even if you never get a 100-bagger, this book will help you turn up big winners and keep you away from losers and sleepy stocks that go nowhere. After reading 100-Baggers, you will never look at investing the same way again. It will energize and excite you about what s possible.
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By Joshua Cooper Ramo
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Endless terror. Refugee waves. An unfixable global economy. Surprising election results. New billion-dollar fortunes. Miracle medical advances. What if they were all connected? What if you could understand why? The Seventh Sense  is the story of what all of today's successful figures see and feel: the forces that are invisible to most of us but explain everything from explosive technological change to uneasy political ripples. The secret to power now is understanding our new age of networks. Not merely the Internet, but also webs of trade, finance, and even DNA. Based on his years of advising generals, CEOs, and politicians, Ramo takes us into the opaque heart of our world's rapidly connected systems and teaches us what the losers are not yet seeing -- and what the victors of this age already know. Joshua Cooper Ramo  is the author of the international bestseller  The Age of the Unthinkable . He is co-chief executive officer and vice chairman of Kissinger Associates and a member of the board of directors of FedEx and Starbucks. His first book,  No Visible Horizon , chronicled his experiences as a competitive aerobatic pilot.
AuthorJoshua Cooper Ramo BindingHardcover
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By Yannick Murphy
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In the cold October of 1917 Margaretha Zelle, better known as Mata Hari, sits in a prison cell in  Paris  awaiting trial on charges of espionage. The penalty is death by firing squad. As she waits, burdened by a secret guilt, Mata Hari tells stories, Scheherazade-like, to buy back her life from her interrogators. From a bleak childhood in the  Netherlands , through a loveless marriage to a Dutch naval officer, Margaretha is transported to the forbidden sensual pleasures of  Indonesia . In the chill of her prison cell she spins tales of rosewater baths, native lovers, and Javanese jungles, evoking the magical world that sustained her even as her family crumbled. And then, in flight from her husband, Margaretha reinvents herself: she becomes an artist's model, circus rider, and finally the temple dancer Mata Hari, dressed in veils, admired by Diaghilev, performing for the crowned heads of  Europe . Through all her transformations, her life's fatal questions  was  she a traitor, and if so, why? burns ever brighter. Does the literary world need another fictional tribute to Mata Hari? If it is penned by the inimitable Murphy (Here They Come, 2006), the answer is yes. Weaving back and forth in time between Mata Hari's prison cell in Paris and her prior life in its many manifestations, the seductive narrative spins an irresistible tale of a woman whose legendary exploits are still a matter of historical debate. Was she or was she not a victim of time and circumstance? Did she really deserve to be executed as a spy? In the end, it doesn't really matter, but what does matter is that Murphy has fashioned a mesmerizing novel that creatively reimagines the life of one of the most notorious, and perhaps overvilified, women of all time. Flanagan, Margaret
AuthorYannick Murphy BindingHardcover
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By Ladybird
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Peppa Pig: Fun at the Fair George's First Day at Playgroup George Catches a Cold Peppa Pig: Nature Trail Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes Camping Peppa Pig: Peppa Plays Football Peppa's First Sleepover Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes Swimming Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun Peppa Pig: Sports Day
AuthorLadybird BindingBox Set
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By David Bateman
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David Bateman has founded several businesses and active investor and has spoken at many leading events and business schools including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT and Columbia. Author of Business Plans That Get Investments.
AuthorDavid Bateman BindingPaperback
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Loeb is well known as the former managing editor of both Fortune and Money magazine and for his eponymous annual Money Guide, which first appeared more than 10 years ago. With authority behind this latest entry into the arena of financial planning manuals thus ensured, the encyclopedic Lifetime Financial Strategies is certain to become a standard, both for personal use and for library reference. In addition to thorough coverage of the usual topics, such as savings, stocks, mutual funds, and home buying, Loeb offers chapters on using "computers for fun and profit," "getting the most from your car," and "making your travel dollars go farther." In every chapter, additional sources of more detailed information are identified, with prices, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses listed. David Rouse
AuthorMarshall Loeb BindingHardcover
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By Meera Ali
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Mughal emperors governed their vast empire with the help of nawabs - a title they bestowed on semi-autonomous Muslim rulers of princely India. Over a period of time these nawabs became powerful rulers in their own right and created a distinct culture of their own - with food being one of its most everlasting legacies. Heavily influenced by Mughal staples and technique of cookery, the nawabs refined their cuisine by adopting local flavors - from the refined palates that dominate the table at Rampur and Avadh to the incredible array of delicacies from the kitchens of Bahawalpur and Khairpur, now in Pakistan. For the first time, Dining with the Nawabs allows you a rare opportunity to visit the tables and palaces of these families, to know more about their lifestyles and their love affair with gourmet cuisine. This special edition also comes with a Kitchen copy with some of their most beloved family recipes that you can recreate in your own homes.
AuthorMeera Ali BindingPaperback