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By BPP Learning Media
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For Exams: September 2020, December 2020, March 2021 and June 2021 BPP Learning Media s status as official ACCA Approved Learning Provider Content means our DipIFR Study Texts and Practice & Revision Kits are reviewed by the ACCA examining team. BPP Learning Media products provide you with the up-to-date material you need for exam success.
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By Kaplan
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Complemented by an online customized study plan, performance analysis, CD-ROM, and complete practice tests, a guide for students preparing for the SAT exam furnishes coverage of all the changes in the SAT, including the Writing section, short reading passages in the Critical Reading section, and higher-level math content, along with a total of nine practice tests with complete answer explanations and Math and Verbal skills workouts. Original.
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By Kavita Raha
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Kavita Raha has had a multi-faceted career spanning 30 years in diverse fields such as banking, MICE and  E vent Management,  T ourism and  H ospitality,  C ommunity  L eadership and  as an  independent  E ntrepreneur.  Her drive, curiosity to learn and hunger for excellence has resulted in her outperforming in each of these roles while working for some of the biggest names in each of these industries. 
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By Kenneth H.Rose,PMP
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Provides project managers an explicit step-by-step quality management process, with a set of tools organized and explained according to their application within this process, that can be immediately applied in any project context -Introduces The Wheel of Quality that codifies in one complete image the contributing elements of contemporary quality management -Features a coherent set of quality tools, introduced sequentially and explained in terms of their use in project quality management -Establishes a new quality tool The Pillar Chart that provides a needed capability to identify root causes of undesirable effects -Includes practical exercises relevant to many project domains to help readers simulate the tools and techniques of this project quality management process before applying it to their own project work.
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By Anthony J. Saliba
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As serious and sophisticated investors know, options are a viable and increasingly popular way to enhance their portfolios. Yet even the most savvy investors need instruction. Now in its third edition, The Options Workbook has been updated and reformatted in a larger, more convenient, and user-friendly design. Three all-new chapters explain key trading concepts-volatility, the collar, and the covered call-and show how these can be applied to mitigate risk and increase profits. What’s more, this fresh edition incorporates additional interactive content-exercises, hands-on tools, and lessons that complement the in-depth curriculum.   Anthony J. Saliba  is the founder of ITI, an organization that has trained nearly -5,000 students from more than 30 countries.  He is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the Chicago derivatives markets, is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, and is often tapped for expert commentary by the financial media
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By Eric Schaeffer ,David Sovie
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Digital technology is simultaneously friend and foe: highly disruptive, yet it cannot be ignored. Companies that fail to make use of it put themselves in the line of fire for disintermediation or even eradication. But digital technology is also the biggest opportunity to reposition incumbent product-making businesses by thinking about how they conceive, make, distribute and support the next generation of goods in the marketplace. Reinventing the Product looks at the ways traditional products are transforming into smart connected products and ecosystem platforms at a rate much faster than most organizations think. Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie show how this reinvention is made possible: by AI and digital technologies, such as IoT sensors, blockchain, advanced analytics, cloud and edge computing. They show how to deliver truly intelligent, and potentially even autonomous, products with the more personalized and compelling experiences that today's users, consumers and enterprises expect. Reinventing the Product makes a stringent case for companies to rethink their product strategy, their innovation and engineering processes, and the entire culture to build the future generations of successful 'living products'. Featuring case studies from global organizations such as Faurecia, Signify, Symmons and Haier and interviews with thought leaders and business executives from top companies including Amazon, ABB, Tesla, Samsung and Google, this book provides practical advice for product-making companies as they embark on, or accelerate, their digitization journey.
AuthorEric Schaeffer ,David Sovie BindingHardcover
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