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Dear Trader: Please take just a couple minutes to let me describe a bit about my new, comprehensive program and what it takes to be a consistently successful trader. For more than 25 years I have been teaching traders my unique and practical application of simple pattern analysis, unique approach to Fib price and time analysis, practical trade strategies and more. I’ve won a first place in the annual Robbins World Cup Championship of Futures Trading, been named the Market Guru of the Year and my first book, Dynamic Trading, was named the Trading Book of the Year. My most recent book, High Probability Trading Strategies has consistently been one of the biggest selling trading books each year since it was published in 2008. I have completed the most aggressive and comprehensive trading education program of my 25 year career, the Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning Workshop. This workshop is the most complete, most educational, most practical and just plain best trading workshop available anywhere, at any price. If you will make the commitment to take the time to study this course, I have complete confidence you will be blown away with this education and be able to put it to real-time use and dramatically improve your trading results like so many of our students have.
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By Steve Nison
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Part 1: Beyond Fibonacci Retracements In this tutorial you will learn how to use Internal Retracements and Internal Alternate Price Projections to identify support, resistance and trend reversal targets in advance. Almost every trader knows how to do simple retracements. This tutorial teaches you how to identify in advance which retracement should be the end of a counter trend. (50 Minutes) Part 2: Beyond Fibonacci Retracements This tutorial teaches you a similar approach to Part 1 but using External Alternate Price Projections for unique market conditions to identify the specific retracement target to complete a correction. After learning from this tutorial you will have a big edge in your price analysis. (70 Minutes) Part 3: The Mystery Retracements and Trend Reversal Very few traders know how to use the External Retracements to identify the end of corrections and trends. Learn about these unique retracements and, more importantly, how they are used in a practical trade strategy to identify in advance the price target for trend reversals. (70 Minutes) Part 4: End-of-Wave Trend Reversal Targets This is a completely unique price projection routine developed by Robert Miner. Learn how to quickly identify the two most frequent E-Wave patterns and how to protect the exact price target to complete the pattern and make a trend reversal. You won’t believe how easy this is to do and how powerful a practical trading technique it is when you have learned how to do it. (70 Minutes) Part 5: Make Price Targets For Any Market and Any Time Frame An entire tutorial of bar-by-bar examples of all types of markets and time frames of the practical price trade strategies taught in tutorials 1-4. Practical and deadly accurate price analysis will be second nature to you by the time you have finished with this tutorial.
AuthorSteve Nison BindingDVD
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