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"This book is syncretism at its best . The writing is clear.The flow has the massive feel of logicunfolding"(Arthur Kover, Consulting Director at HCD Research Inc., Management Fellow at YaleUniversity, and former editor of the Journal of Advertising Research)"Estelami combines an excellent knowledge of marketing literature with a deep understanding offinancial services. The combination is a very effective and contemporary book on marketing financialservices."(Russell S. Winer, Deputy Dean and Professor of Marketing at the Stern School ofBusiness, New York University)"Marketing Financial Servicesserves an important need, both for the training of students wishing toenter the field of financial services, as well as for those already in the profession."(Kent B. Monroe, Distinguished Professor of Marketing Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign andDistinguished Visiting Scholar, University of Richmond)"This book provides the reader with a thorough, in-depth review of the subject matter."(AlisonMunsch, Principal, Insights for Actions Research, LLC)Financial services marketers are faced with challenging issues related to pricing, advertising, and sell-ing their products in the marketplace on a daily basis. These challenges result from the immense com-plexity of financial services, the massive number of regulations influencing the industry, and the rapid-ly evolving face of competition. This book provides a systematic and scientific approach to the prac-tice of marketing financial services. The book approaches the topic from the perspective of the cus-tomer. Research findings related to consumer psychology and human decision making provide thefoundation for a structured approach to understanding how individuals make their financial decisions.Drawing from this analysis, the book establishes successful marketing practices for advertising, dis-tributing, and pricing financial products and services. In addition, the book provides a detailed outlineof regulations affecting marketing practices in the U.S., and discusses tactical and strategic tools usedby financial services companies to penetrate the market. The book has been developed for use byindividual readers eager to gain in-depth training on the topic on their own, and for classroom use byinstructors in business schools at the MBA, undergraduate, a
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