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By George Schindler,Ed Tricomi
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One of the world's most famous magicomedians and ventriloquists discusses every aspect of his art and reveals tricks of the trade. George Schindler, the Dean of the Society of American Magicians, has kept audiences spellbound for more than forty years. In this guide for beginners and experienced ventriloquists alike, he defines the art and offers practical advice as well as inspiration. Starting with basic "vent" techniques, Schindler discusses the cultivation of a variety of voices and explains how to make puppets appear lifelike. He also presents helpful suggestions for putting an act together, developing comedy material and scripts, and even handling bookings and publicity. Thirty-eight figures and photos illustrate basic and advanced techniques in addition to puppets and their movements.
AuthorGeorge Schindler,Ed Tricomi BindingPaperback
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By Antoinette K. Gordon
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Over 50 years after its first publication this work remains a vital and useful survey. Assembled by an anthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History, it features artwork from that institution's extensive collections, in addition to seldom-seen Tibetan artifacts from other museums and private collections. Following an informative overview of the intrinsic relationship of Buddist deities to Tibetan art, a lavish assortment of illustrations includes temple paintings, books, wood blocks, ritual objects, robes, masks, metal work, musical instruments, jewelry, butter sculpture, sand mandalas, and calligraphy. Each item is described in detail, with explanations of the methods and materials used in its creation. Preface. Bibliography. Index. 92 black-and-white illustrations.
AuthorAntoinette K. Gordon BindingPaperback
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By Alan Weller
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Specially created for use with Photoshop and Corel Photo Paint, this software suite demystifies the creative process, offering designers, crafters, and scrapbookers powerful tools for customizing their designs. With these easy-to-use devices, professionals and amateurs alike can construct rich, textured compositions. Includes 123 Butterfly Brushes and 40 Butterfly Custom Shapes, for use with Adobe Photoshop (versions CS-CS4) and Photoshop Elements. Also included: 21 special Texture Brushes and 20 Photoshop Styles created from Dover's extensive library of royalty-free clip art. The enclosed CD-ROM features a robust selection of design tools:  • Brushes: it's easy to create photographic and painterly effects as well as "rubber stamps" • Shapes: a quick way to added customizable vector shapes to your Photoshop compositions • Styles: ready-to-use shadows, glows, bevels,color overlays, and other effects for the shapes and brushes included The Book includes: • Index of all custom brushes and shapes • Instructions for loading and use  • Gallery of designs
AuthorAlan Weller