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By Foskett D
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a new edition of the cornerstone textbook for all hospitality and catering students. The theory of hospitality and catering, < span data-scayt_word="12th" Data-scaytid="1"> 12th</span> edition, is the only book that provides a complete overview of the hospitality and catering industry from commodity and Science through delivery from the supplier, storage, preparation, production and final service to the waiting customer.≪/div> < div> since 1964, The theory of catering, along with practical cookery, has been one of the essential textbooks for hospitality and catering students in the UK and overseas. Considered a flagship text by catering educators worldwide, this is an essential handbook for anyone training at supervisory level in the hospitality industry. Completely revised to reflect changes in the industry, features of the book include:</div> < div> • a unique and detailed br>Chapter on commodities - The only one available;/div> < div> • essential and accessible information on cost and operational control and budgeting;/div> < div> • up-to-date information on hygiene and food legislation and health and safety - essential for anyone training or working at</div> < div> supervisory management level</div> < div> • clear mapping and focus of Contents to courses in hospitality supervision, professional cookery and foundation degrees in culinary arts.≪/div> < div>  </div> < div> < div> < strong> about the authors:</strong></div> < div> < strong> Professor David < span data-scayt_word="foskett" Data-scaytid="2"> foskett</span></strong> is head of school at the London school of hospitality and tourism at Thames Valley University. He was awarded catering educator of the year 2004 and, in 2008, received france’ S agricultural order of merit for his work promoting French food and food education.≪/div> < div>  </div> < div> < strong> Patricia < span data-scayt_word="paskins" Data-scaytid="3"> paskins</span></strong> is a hospitality lecturer and Work-Based learning fellow at the London school of hospitality and tourism at Thames Valley University.≪/div> </div>.
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