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By Jason Kelly
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Go inside the trend that spawned a multi-billion dollar industry for the top five percent Sweat Equity goes inside the multibillion dollar trend toward endurance sports and fitness to discover who's driving it, who's paying for it, and who's profiting. Bloomberg's Jason Kelly, author of The New Tycoons, profiles the participants, entrepreneurs, and investors at the center of this movement, exploring this phenomenon in which a surge of people led by the most affluent are becoming increasingly obsessed with looking and feeling better. Through in-depth looks inside companies and events from New York Road Runners to Tough Mudder and Ironman, Kelly profiles the companies and people aiming to meet the demands of these consumers, and the traits and strategies that made them so successful. In a modern world filled with anxiety, pressure, and competition, people are spending more time and money than ever before to soothe their minds and tone their bodies, sometimes pushing themselves to the most extreme limits. Even as obesity rates hit an all-time high, the most financially successful among us are collectively spending billions each year on apparel, gear, and entry fees. Sweat Equity charts the rise of the movement, through the eyes of competitors and the companies that serve them. Through conversations with businesspeople, many driven by their own fitness obsessions, and first-hand accounts of the sports themselves, Kelly delves into how the movement is taking shape. * Understand the social science, physics, and economics of our desire to pursue activities like endurance sports and yoga * Get to know the endurance business's target demographics * Learn how distance running once a fringe hobby became a multibillion dollar enterprise fueled by private equity * Understand how different generations pursue fitness and how fast-growing companies sell to them The opportunity to run, swim, and crawl in the mud is resonating with more and more of us, as sports once considered extreme become mainstream. As Baby Boomers seek to stay fit and Millennials search for meaning in a hyperconnected world, the demand for the race bib is outstripping supply, even as the cost to participate escalates. Sweat Equity, through the stories of men and women inside the most influential races and companies, goes to the heart of the movement where mind, body, and big money collide.
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By Dan Passarelli,William J. Brodsky
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Trading Option Greeks Second Edition In option trading, there are an  infinite number of uses for the "greeks" (delta, gamma, theta, vega, and rho), which measure changes in an option's value. From finding trades to managing and adjusting them, the greeks are truly a trader's best resource?but only if you know how to properly apply them. Nobody understands option greeks better than author Dan Passarelli. And now, with the  Second Edition  of  Trading Option Greeks , this seasoned options expert provides you with the tools you'll need to effectively implement them in your everyday trading endeavors. Written from Passarelli's unique perspective, traders of all levels can benefit from this reliable guide. Page by page, it skillfully covers some of the most essential elements of this discipline, including various types of spreads, put-call parity and synthetic options, trading volatility, and advanced option trading issues. Along the way, it makes use of new charts and examples, and discusses how the proper application of the greeks can lead to more accurate pricing and trading as well as alert you to a range of other opportunities. Having a comprehensive understanding of the greeks is essential to long-term trading success. This updated edition of  Trading Option Greeks  illustrates how you can apply the concepts contained here to real-world trading scenarios and get the most out of your time in today's dynamic market.
AuthorDan Passarelli,William J. Brodsky BindingHardcover
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