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By G C Selden
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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE STOCK MARKET: Human Impulses Lead To Speculative Disasters is a brief, but fascinating guide about what really influences the way the financial markets behave. Here is the top five principles of the book in summary: 1. Your main purpose must be to keep the mind clear and well balanced.Hence, do not act hastily on apparently sensational information;do not trade so heavily as to become anxious; and do not permit yourself to be influenced by your position in the market. 2. Act on your own own judgement, or else act absolutely and entirely on the judgement of another, regardless of your own opinion."To many cooks spoil the broth." 3. When in doubt, keep out of the market. Delays cost less than losses. 4. Endeavor to catch the trend of sentiment.Even if you should be temporarily against fundamental conditions, it is nevertheless unprofitable to oppose it. 5. The greatest fault of ninety-nine percent out of one hundred active traders is being bullish at high prices and bearish at low prices. Therefore, refuse to follow the market beyond what you consider a reasonable climax, no matter how large the possible profits that you may appear to be losing by inaction.
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By William D. Gann
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No man can learn all there is to know about forecasting the trend of stocks in 3, 5, 10, or 20 years but if he is a deep student and hard worker, he learns more and knowledge comes easier after years of experience. I knew more about determining the trend of stocks in 1923 than I did in 1911. Seven more years of experience gave me more knowledge and enabled me to write THE WALL STREET STOCK SELECTOR in 1939 and give my readers the benefit of my increased knowledge. Now, after five more years have elapsed my experience and practical test of new rules have enabled me to learn more of value since 1930. The 1929-1932 panic and what has followed since, gave me valuable experience and I have gained more knowledge about detecting the right stocks to buy and sell. W.D. Gann CONTENTS I. A New Deal in Wall Street II. Foundation for Successful Trading III. History Repeats IV. Individual Stocks vs. Averages V. New Rules to Detect Trend of Stocks VI. Volume of Sales VII. A Practical Trading Method VIII. Future Trend of Stocks
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