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15.2 x 1.9 x 22.9 cm, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days , 278, Amacom, 2013, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days as procurement, N, Paperback, New, USA, 1st, Shoya Zichy,Ann Bidou

A recent Conference Board survey found that a staggering 53 percent of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs, but with the unemployment rate stubbornly high, searching for a new position may not be the answer.

Based on the author’s proprietary personality model used by over 50,000 professionals worldwide, Personality Power shows you how to identify and harness your corestrengths to immediately improve your job satisfaction and, ultimately, your success.

After completing a simple 10-minute self-assessment, just turn to the in-depth chapter devoted to your personality type to:

• Discover your work-related strengths and potential blind spots

• Identify your ideal (and least-preferred) work environments

• Learn how best to communicate with and coach others with different styles

• Create a personal career roadmap complete with concrete steps for achieving your goals

• And much more

Featuring helpful charts, exercises, and inspiring success stories, Personality Power shows you how to leverage your natural talents and find the fulfillment and recognition you deserve.

The key to both enjoying and succeeding at work lies in knowing your core strengths and making the most of them. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Grounded, realistic, and accountable? Competitive and theoretical? Spontaneous and action-oriented? Creative and empathetic?

Based on the easy-to-understand “Color Q” model of the four major personality groups  used by more than 50,000 professionals worldwide Personality Power  gives you a clear blue-print for using your natural abilities more effectively and reenergizing your professional life. Just take a simple, 10-minute self-assessment to determine your personality type and discover how best to:

• Communicate with employees, bosses, and others with different styles

• Identify your ideal (and least suitable) work environments

• Avoid the blind spots associated with your type

• Assemble a career plan with concrete steps for achieving your goals

Featuring in-depth chapters for each personality type, helpful charts, exercises, and inspiring success stories including profiles of well-known figures such as Diane Sawyer, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Hillary Clinton, and others the book reveals how to use your natural talents to approach innovation, deal with conflict, negotiate compensation, and self-coach your way to greater success.

Good news: You don’t need a new job to be happy at work. Now, packed with life-altering insights, Personality Power will enable you to achieve the recognition and fulfillment you deserve just by being yourself.

“I have successfully used Color Q with hundreds of associates to increase their awareness of personality and leadership style, which has resulted in higher-performing teams. It is an incredibly fun, memorable, and effective resource

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15.2 x 1.6 x 22.9, Stephen D. Morris, 230, AuthorHouse, 2008, Stephen D. Morris, N, PAPER BACK, NEW, 1, Stephen D. Morris
The essence of this text is the application of The Basel II Framework Use Test. I will illustrate the facets of Use Test adherence with risk management tools and strategies that complement a banks pursuit of Advanced Internal Ratings Based Approach, Basel II Framework compliance. I will simultaneously pay close attention to the specific Basel II Framework, Use Test adherence measures. This book offers the practitioner a useful prescription for ensuring that their bank covers the necessary bases when pursuing its Basel II Framework implementation. It additionally puts into proper context where banks should be concerned in their pursuit of the Use Test, with specific attention to regulator, boards and executives concerns that the bank continues to operate with sound fiscal behaviour.

The very foundation of a banks lending practices is the credit cycle. This book identifies both the traditional model and the newly minted Basel II model of the credit cycle. It also demonstrates practices that create sustainable business processes which optimize the risk-reward drivers of a retail banking environment. It focuses on the different operational areas of the bank and the role each plays within the Basel II credit cycle. Finally, it provides a foundation for which the credit practices present in Marketing, Underwriting, Account Management, Portfolio Management, Recoveries and Collections and Regulatory Capital setting can be justly applied.

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15.2 x 1.3 x 22.9, Usually ship in 25-30 Days , 123, Plain Sight, 2015, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, N, Paperback, New, 1st, Kelly Browne

Kelly Browne has written hundreds of thank-you notes in her personal, social, and professional life. With an extensive background in the social graces, she has received numerous awards for her outstanding volunteer service with the community, including the prestigious United States President's Volunteer Service Award. In addition, she holds several pageant titles, is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and is authorized by the esteemed Protocol School of Washington(R) to teach Modern Manners for Children. A former film and television development executive, Ms. Browne earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Television Arts as well as a Master of Arts degree in Communication/Screenwriting from California State University at Northridge.

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15.9 x 2.8 x 23.7, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days , 336, John Wiley & Sons, 2002, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, 1ST, Joshua Solan, Paperback, NEW, Adam Leitzes

"In December 1999, a Minnesota man paid $210,000 at auction for Warren Buffett′s twenty–year–old wallet. True, it was a wallet with a fairly storied past, having traveled on the backside of a billionaire, but that was not the bidder′s motivation for doling out all that cash. Inside the wallet was a golden egg: a stock pick from none other than the Oracle of Omaha himself. Each of thirty additional individuals donated $1,000 to charity at the behest of the auction winner in order to learn the two–letter ticker symbol of the stock pick, which happened to be real estate investment trust (REIT) First Industrial Realty. On top of all that, after The Wall Street Journal published the stock pick in a printed article, the Morgan Stanley REIT Index registered its largest gain in over a year."

This excerpt from Bulls, Bears, and Brains: Investing with the Best and Brightest of the Financial Internet depicts the value of an information edge on Wall Street. For a price of $210,000, one individual was able to enter the world of Warren Buffett temporarily–literally jump into his back pocket–and walk away with a profitable investment opportunity. Remarkably, this ability to tap into the minds of market gurus and join their investing teams has never been easier, thanks to the Internet.

Bulls, Bears, and Brains interviews twenty successful investors–an assortment of fund managers, economists, professors, executives, statisticians, strategists, traders, and technicians who put their money and prowess on the line in the pages of this text. These top financial minds have made themselves available to the investing public via the Internet and are willing to share their strategies, successes, failures, and philosophies in open online forums. This unique book will help you connect and make money with them, giving you twenty powerful allies in the complicated game of investing.

Obtaining an information edge is the key to beating the market. Don′t rely on market pundits and analysts to shape your investing strategies. Instead, make use of the global research team that the Internet places at your fingertips to identify profitable opportunities long before the rest of the world takes notice.
The book includes candid interviews with company founders and expert advisors, such as:
∗ Ed Yardeni: Chief investment strategist at Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown
∗ Brandon Goyette: Financial Chat. Hedge fund manager and ex–Wall Street analyst
∗ Oliver Velez: One of the pioneers and top CEOs of the day trading industry
∗ Jeremy Siegel: Wharton professor of finance and bestselling author
∗ Bill Ginsberg: Columbia Business School dropout and "the baddest short–seller on the planet"

This book will help you interpret these indivi–duals′ theories in light of your personal investment needs and develop your own investment strategy with a top–notch team that never leaves your side.

Bulls, Bears, and Brains is a unique guide to investing with the Internet that shows you how to leverage the talents of numerous investment experts to enhance your own level of performance.


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15.9 x 2.5 x 24.1 , Usually ship in 25-30 working Days , 240, Harvard Business Review, 2019, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, N, Hardcover, New, 1st, MARKMAN ART

Art Markman is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is also the executive director of the IC2 Institute. He is the author of several acclaimed books, including Smart Thinking: Three Essential Keys to Solve Problems, Innovate, and Get Things Done, and is cohost of the popular radio show and podcast Two Guys on Your Head (@2GoYH) on KUT radio in Austin. Author social media/website info:

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15.6 x 2.6 x 21.7, Usually ship in 25 working Days , 392, Kogan Page, 2019, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, N, Hardcover, New, UK, 1st Edition, Eric Schaeffer ,David Sovie

Digital technology is simultaneously friend and foe: highly disruptive, yet it cannot be ignored. Companies that fail to make use of it put themselves in the line of fire for disintermediation or even eradication. But digital technology is also the biggest opportunity to reposition incumbent product-making businesses by thinking about how they conceive, make, distribute and support the next generation of goods in the marketplace.

Reinventing the Product looks at the ways traditional products are transforming into smart connected products and ecosystem platforms at a rate much faster than most organizations think. Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie show how this reinvention is made possible: by AI and digital technologies, such as IoT sensors, blockchain, advanced analytics, cloud and edge computing. They show how to deliver truly intelligent, and potentially even autonomous, products with the more personalized and compelling experiences that today's users, consumers and enterprises expect.

Reinventing the Product makes a stringent case for companies to rethink their product strategy, their innovation and engineering processes, and the entire culture to build the future generations of successful 'living products'. Featuring case studies from global organizations such as Faurecia, Signify, Symmons and Haier and interviews with thought leaders and business executives from top companies including Amazon, ABB, Tesla, Samsung and Google, this book provides practical advice for product-making companies as they embark on, or accelerate, their digitization journey.

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15.9 x 3.2 x 12.7 , Usually ship in 7-10 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, Usually ship in 25 working Days , SONY PICTURES, 2015, N, 1, DVD, NEW, USA, BOLLINGER J

Yog nidra is the yogic method to get rid of depression, Insomnia, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Strained Body and helps to lead life peacefully filled with divine Serenity. Only few people are able to sleep peacefully and there by able to relax body and Soul. If a person is able to attain the state of deep sleep, then he may never suffer from any illness. This DVD speaks about the precious knowledge about Yognidra, as to how a person can reach a stage of sound and deep sleep and thereby enjoy proximity with GOD and experience divine pleasure

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22 x 15 x 2 cm, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days, 560, Manjul, 2019, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days as procurement, N, Hardcover, New, India, 1st, Brian Tracy

The brain Tracy Success library · Time management · leadership · creativity and problem solving · personal success · business strategy the brain Tracy Success library is a powerful, handy, reference series for managers, professionals, employees – just about anyone who wants a quick, easy, reliable and effective overview of and insights into aspects critical to business. This 5 books box-set volume of portable, pocket-sized, hardbound books interweaves nuggets of Tracy’s trademark wisdom with engaging real-life examples and practical tools, tactics and strategies for learning and honing basic business skills. Backed by decades of experience consulting with organizations around the world, Tracy delivers his perspective in a down-to-earth and practical style that has made him a Bestselling author; a highly respected, widely sought-after speaker and an unquestionable authority on business.

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21 x 1.9 x 28.6 cm, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days, 384, CRC Press, 2008, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days as procurement, N, Paperback, New, UK, 17th, Mark Graham Brown

The Definitive Guide To Mastering The Baldrige Award.

Now in its 17th fully updated edition, this volume is the most widely used and recognized guide to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. This simple and comprehensive resource enables companies to master the exhaustive criteria of the nation’s leading business performance award. This exclusive reference guide provides detailed descriptions of the 18 examination items and the 32 areas that comprise the seven major categories. It reveals what examiners look for in each area and provides powerful suggestions to achieve results.  By consulting this reference, businesses will acquire the winning knowledge necessary to capture the award.

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1.9 x 15.2 x 22.2 cm, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days , 372, Capital Pub Co, 1994, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, N, Paperback, New, 1st, Stephen M. Rosenberg,Ann Z. Peterson

This excellent guide "confronts head-on the emotional issues that prevent women from gaining financial confidence" (Ann Perry, San Diego Union-Tribune). "A wonderful hands-on action guide to getting your financial house in ord er."--Bridget Keating, VP, National Assocation for Female Executives.

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21.7 x 14.4 x 1.8 cm, Usually ship in 25-30 working Days, 148, Vermilion, 2004, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days as procurement, N, Hardcover, New, UK, 1st, Mary Olsen Kelly

The pearl is a metaphor for our own lives. Learn to assess life through the same six criteria used by jewelers for grading pearls shape, size, colour, luster, orient and perfection and learn to recognize and embrace our whole, often imperfect, self.

Mary Olsen Kelly co-owns the Black Pearl Gallery fine jewellery shops in Hawaii with her husband, Don. After thirteen years in the pearl business, she is known as an expert in pearl sorting, grading and lore. She is the editor of Fireside Treasury of Light and the author of Finding Each Other.

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13.9 x 1.7 x 21.6 , Usually ship in 25-30 working Days, 190, Marshall Cavendish International, 2017, Usually ship in 2-3 working Days / If Out of stock will take 25-30 working days for procurement, N, Paperback, New, USA, 1st, Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor is a leading authority in modern business writing and communication skills. She is the author of numerous successful books on communication skills, including titles in the ST Training Solutions 'Success Skills' series as well as the international bestseller, Model Business Letters, E-mails and Other Business Documents, which is now in its sixth edition, having sold almost half a million copies worldwide. Shirley conducts her own popular workshops on business writing and e-mail, as well as communication and secretarial skills. She puts a lot of passion and energy into her workshops to make sure they are entertaining, practical, informative, and a lot of fun

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