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By Mark Minervini
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Investing Champion and the author of the international best-sellers Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard and Think and Trade Like a Champion. Mark's journey from rags-to-riches is a remarkable and inspiring success story. His success, books and performance coaching have become legendary around the world. What's Inside and What You Will Learn... How to calibrate your belief system for SUCCESS How to build the self-image of a CHAMPION How to feel deserving and expect to WIN How to master and apply PERFECT PRACTICE to any task How to properly prepare for your big day How to PERFORM at your BEST under pressure How to bring the best version of yourself to EVERYTHING YOU DO!
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By Mark Minervini
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Minervini has run circles around most PhDs trying to design systems to beat the market."  -- J.D.S, bestselling author of  Stock Market Wizards "Mark's book has to be on every investor's bookshelf. It is about the most comprehensive work I have ever read on investing in growth stocks."  -- DAVID RYAN, three-time U.S. Investing Champion "[Minervini is] one of the most highly respected independent traders of our generation. His experience and past history of savvy market calls is legendary."  -- CHARLES KIRK, The Kirk Report "One of Wall Street's most remarkable success stories."  -- BEN POWER, Your Trading Edge THE INVESTOR'S GUIDE TO SUPERPERFORMANCE! Dramatically increase your stock market returns with the legendary SEPA system! For the first time ever, U.S. Investing Champion MarkMinervini reveals the proven, time-tested trading system he used to achieve triple-digit returns for five consecutive years, averaging 220% per year fora 33,500% compounded total return. In  Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard , Minerviniunveils his trademarked stock market method SEPA, which provides outsized returns in virtually every market by combining careful risk management, self-analysis, and perseverance. He explains in detail how to select precise entry points and preserve capital―for consistent triple- digit returns. Whether you're just getting started in the stockmarket or you're a seasoned pro, Minervini will show how you how to achieve SUPERPERFORMANCE! You'll gain valuable knowledge as he shares lessons, trading truths, and specific tactics--all derived from his 30-year career as one of America's most successful stock traders. Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard  teaches you: How to find the best stocks before they make big price gains How to avoid costly mistakes made by most investors How to manage losses and protect profits How to avoid high-risk situations Precisely when to buy and when to sell How to buy an IPO Why traditional valuation doesn't work for fast-growing Superperformers Examples of Minervini's personal trades with his comments   With more than 160 chart examples and numerous case studies proving the remarkable effectiveness of Minervini's methodology,  Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard  puts in your hands one of the most effective and--until now--secretive stock investing systems in the world. MARK MINERVINI has a trademarked stock market method that produces outsized returns in virtually every market. It's called Specific Entry Point Analysis--SEPA--and it has been proven effective for selecting precise entry points, preserving capital and profi ts with even more precise exit points--and consistently producing triple-digit returns. Now, in  Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard , Minervini shares--for the fi rst time ever--his coveted methodology with investors like you!  
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By Mark Minervini
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THE MOST EAGERLY AWAITED INVESTMENT BOOK OF THE YEAR MORE THAN 80 CHART EXAMPLES INCLUDES BONUS PSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER - MARK MINERVINI WITH PERFORMANCE COACH JAIREK ROBBINS "Most traders and money managers would be delighted to have Minervini's worst year as their best... he has run circles around most PhDs trying to design systems to beat the market." -- J.D.S, bestselling author of Stock Market Wizards In Think & Trade Like a Champion, Mark will show you, step-by-step, how to use his time-tested principles to dramatically improve your performance and develop the confidence needed to achieve Superperformance. Mark reveals his personal trading rules and the secret techniques that made him one of America's most successful stock traders. You will learn how to use Mark's methods in your own trading and literally TRADE LIKE A CHAMPION! * * Mark is featured in Momentum Masters - A Roundtable Interview with Super Traders and in J.D.S's Stock Market Wizards: Interviews with America's Top Stock Traders. J.D.S wrote: "Minervini's performance has been nothing short of astounding." . . . If you're ready to master the art and science of stock investing, champion trader Mark Minervini will show you how to dramatically increase your returns while keeping your risk to an absolute minimum . . . KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL EMPOWER YOUR TRADING FOR LIFE!
AuthorMark Minervini BindingHardcover