How to Profit From Sector Rotation Using ETFs

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This three-part DVD course explains why the sector rotation process is continuously creating profitable opportunities just waiting to be seized. It also tells you how to easily execute interMarket and sector rotation strategies with ETFs. You are also provided the historical data to follow these relationships as well as links to keep you up-to-date. The presentation begins with a description of what InterMarket analysis actually is. Just as the climate influences the local weather, so multi-decade swings in inflationary and deflationary forces called secular trends set the scene for individual business cycles. These secular trends in bonds, stocks and commodities are described in detail; so too is their influence on the individual business cycle associated bull and bear markets. The connection between the business cycle and major turning points in bond, stock and commodity prices together with the consequential influence on sector rotation is explained in laymen terms. We also give you the tools to do the job by explaining concepts such as long-term momentum and relative strength. In addition, the course provides statistical proof that these are not just pie in the sky concepts but that they actually work in the market place. You will also be provided with as simple indicators that will help you to follow this cyclical road map. Historical data, links where it can be updated and links publishing the latest info on ETFs rounds out the package.  
AuthorMartin Pring BindingDVD