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  • How to identify in advance which retracement is likely to be support, resistance or trend reversal. You will learn to go way beyond simple Fib retracements in this price series.
  • How to identify in advance trend targets. Most people just teach how to identify support and resistance for corrections. You will learn how to identify trend targets.
  • How to project in advance the very narrow range price targets for specific patterns.
  • How to project multiple time frame price targets for any market and any time frame.
  • Comprehensive techniques you can apply immediately to enhance your trading.
  • And a whole lot more!

No book, live or online workshop could possibly present this much material on price in such a comprehensive learning experience. This is not a slide presentation with screen shots. This is a structured learning program with step-by-step and bar-by-bar instruction with futures, Forex and stock examples that make you a better trader.

A Summary of The Practical, Real-World Price Education You Will Receive In This Comprehensive Tutorial Series

Note: If you already own the 40-hour Dynamic Trading Multimedia E-Learning workshop, this price material is covered in that series although we use different examples with this series.In this tutorial you will learn how to use Internal Retracements and Internal Alternate Price Projections to identify support, resistance and trend reversal targets in advance. Almost every trader knows how to do simple retracements. This tutorial teaches you how to identify in advance which retracement should be the end of a counter trend.


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