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By Douglas R. Sease
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Veteran "Wall Street Journal" editor Douglas Sease provides the tools necessary to build a powerful, lifetime investment programme that changes according to your life circumstances. More people than ever appear to be investing in the global economy, but, meanwhile, the financial services industry seems to be luring investors into paying out for brokerage fees for "expert" input. This book provides unbiased advice on how to build a custom investment plan without paying a broker. It shows how individuals can use a combination of low-cost, easy to purchase investment vehicles, like stock index mutual funds, to build a portfolio that should provide maximum returns. Sease argues that investors can create an individualized and successful investment strategy that they will control.

Winning with the Market, by Wall Street Journal editor and frequent TV financial commentator Douglas R. Sease, clearly presents a positive, no-nonsense investing approach that can be applied during any stage of life with as few expenses or associated time commitments as possible. In the first section, Sease explains why putting one's savings into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is (and should remain) the best way to meet individual financial goals--and why stock index funds and inflation-indexed Treasury bonds are his vehicles of choice for doing so. In the second section he explains the concept of asset allocation--"a fancy term to describe the process of balancing your investment portfolio among cash, stocks, and bonds to suit your own lifestyle, your financial goals, and your tolerance for risk"--and outlines appropriate mixes for readers in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and, 60s. A final section recommends specific index funds that concentrate on U.S. or foreign stocks in various size and special-interest configurations, and provides locations where accounts can be created to buy Treasury bonds directly. Sease concedes that readers may not beat the market by following his advice, but these suggestions should allow the average investor to match it with relative ease. --Howard Rothman

Right now, with the stock market seemingly stalled and its outlook uncertain, it might be more difficult to make the case for putting money into index funds--an investment vehicle tied to the overall performance of the market based on a preselected indicator. But Sease, and others who tout such funds, stress the long-term view and argue that over time the market has unfailingly advanced upwards. Sease is a Wall Street Journal editor and CNBC commentator and the coauthor of Barron's Guide to Making Investment Decisions (1994) and The Wall Street Journal Book of International Investing (1997). Sease also advocates a savings strategy and inflation-indexed treasury bonds. He argues that stocks should be used to accumulate wealth and bonds to preserve it. He offers sample portfolios allocated variously among cash, stocks, and bonds depending on one's age and lifestyle. Along the way, Sease takes a jab at the financial services industry, suggesting that brokers overcomplicate investing in order to collect higher fees and making the point that his strategy minimizes both risk and brokerage charges. David Rouse
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Douglas Sease, a veteran of twenty-four years with The Wall Street Journal, has been involved in market coverage for over a decade and has written extensively about markets and investing. He is the author of several other business books and appears regularly on CNBC as a daily commentator. He lives in Vero Beach, Florida, with his wife, Janc.


Douglas R. Sease
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