Trading 101 How to Trade Like A Pro

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By Sunny J. Harris
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"I vowed to one day write a book so that other novices would not have to go through the same grueling process to learn about trading."—Sunny Harris With a surge in the number of people trying their hand at trading today—baby boomers, retirees, individual investors—it's more important than ever to develop a solid working knowledge of the rudiments of this potentially profitable practice. Trading 101 is a clearly written, concise, and thorough introduction to the basics. The author, renowned for her successful Trading 101 seminars, creates an indispensable reference covering everything from charting techniques and trading vehicles to technical analysis and current market buzzwords. With easy-to-read charts and graphs supplementing the text, this is an invaluable resource for complete information on: The whats and the how-tos: What is a put? What is a call? How do I place a trade? How do I select a broker? Fundamental analysis and its economic indicators — leading indicators, real GDP, interest rates, productivity Developing your own trading system—design, costs, backtesting the system, and evaluating your performance Obtaining fundamental data—bulletin board services, commercial data vendors, the Internet, chart services Setting up your trading as a business — developing a business plan, legal and tax questions, back office services Discipline—sticking to your system, finding coaches that can help you stay motivated, keeping a diary
AuthorSunny J. Harris BindingHardcover
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