The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles

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By Jeffrey A. Hirsch
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While predicting what direction the stock market will take at any given moment is difficult, if not impossible, the market does exhibit well-defined and predictable cyclical patterns. For example, history shows that the best six-month period for stocks is November through April and that by moving into stocks in October-November and out in April-May you can significantly reduce risk while increasing profits. What other important lessons does history have to teach about the market? What are the key cycles and patterns you should know about in order to optimize your investment strategies? Find out in The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles. Written by Jeffrey Hirsch, the pre-eminent authority on market cycles and seasonal patterns, this book draws upon the Hirsch Organization's five decades of meticulous historical research and market analysis to help you understand market cycles and what drives them. More importantly, it shares time-tested cycle-based trading and investing strategies that can dramatically boost your ability to capture market-beating returns, year-in and year-out, through bull markets, bear markets, and everything in between. If you're looking for a safe, proven alternative to conventional buy-and-hold stock strategies, this book is for you. A concise and commonsense guide, it: Brings together the best, time-tested indicators, patterns, and seasonalities developed and refined over the past fifty years Discusses longer term boom/bust economic cycles as well as shorter term tendencies involving the best hours, days, weeks, and months of the year to trade the market Shows how to use easy-to-implement strategies that have been proven to beat the market more than 85 percent of the time Describes an array of highly reliable event-driven cycles and patterns, such as presidential election cycles, the "Santa Claus Rally," and the best six-months strategy Explores, in-depth, the long- and short-term impacts of key exogenous factors on the market, including war, peace, inflation, political shifts, and more  
AuthorJeffrey A. Hirsch BindingHardcover
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