The Clash of the Cultures

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By John C. Bogle
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During the course of his sixty-one year career, mutual fund pioneer and Vanguard Group founder John C. Bogle has seen enormous expansion and remarkable change in the financial sector of the U.S. economy. In his tenth book, The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation,  he brings his considerable wisdom and experience to bear on the most troubling developments of the recent erathe crowding out of long-term investment by short-term speculation. During Bogle's career in the investment profession, he's witnessed a change in the very nature of our financial system, and not for the better. Our aggressive culture of destructive and costly speculation has come to dominate the earlier prudent culture of investment. To the detriment of our society, the idea of stewardship has gotten lost in the shuffle, replaced by salesmanship and innovations that have ill-served investors.
AuthorJohn C. Bogle BindingHardcover
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