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TATA, is a name recognised by almost every Indian. Tatalog: Eight Modern Stories from A Timeless Institution provides readers with an insider glimpse of the challenges faced by the TATA companies and how they rose above it all and carved a name for themselves. The book vividly brings forth never-before-heard-of, actual cases faced by TATA companies, which have a strong presence in steel, automobiles, IT, beverages and groceries to name a few.

Tata's professional standards meet international norms and they are known for their path breaking innovation, be it the launch of the Indica, India's first indigenously manufactured car or the launch of Tanishq, which radically changed the Indian gold and diamond jewellery market. The book also narrates the issues faced by Tata Sons in a recessionary market and how they maintained their service without losing sight of their goals. An insight into how Tata acquired Tetley is also narrated in the book. The journey of the Tata companies was not smooth, yet they focussed on their vision. They strived for excellence, always maintaining that they were not perfect. Tata is a name that followed certain principles, valuing them the most.

Tatalog: Eight Modern Stories from A Timeless Institution was published by Penguin Books Limited in 2014. It is available in paperback.

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