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By Shane Murphy
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Traders, just like athletes, constantly deal with unrelenting pressure, performance slumps, confidence issues, and changing motivational factors. This is why the psychology of elite athletes has translated so effectively to that of the online trader.

In The Trading Athlete, sport psychologist Shane Murphy and trading coach/former Division I athlete Doug Hirschhorn take the strategies of sport psychology and apply them to the arena of online trading. This one-of-a-kind play book will give you the confidence and discipline needed to build a profitable, long-term career as a "Trading Athlete."

Apply the mental strategies of elite athletes to your online trading game plan by writing a mission statement, setting effective goals, and maintaining confidence through body language. As you continue to trade and obstacles arise, this book provides the tools necessary to overcome the bad days, weeks, and even months that come with the territory. "Trading Athlete" strategies for difficult times include:

  • Maintain a Positive Trading Attitude (PTA)
  • Use "self-talk" to get back on track
  • Avoid a "trade for revenge" strategy

Peppered with consulting stories of online traders and sport psychology strategies that work, this book will teach you how to deal with pressure, reduce stress, and stay focused as you engage in the "game" of online trading. Bounce back mentally from losses as John McEnroe did after Bjorn Bjorg defeated him in the 1980 finals of Wimbledon. McEnroe faced his failures, overcame them, and beat Bjorg in the finals of Wimbledon the very next year. Carry the expectations of a nation (or a company/family in a trader?s case) as Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman did in 2000 by "tuning in" and staying focused on the task at hand. You don?t have to play sports to understand the principles behind this unique trading guide. All you need is the desire to put yourself in the best possible position to win.

"The best traders in the world know that being mentally prepared is absolutely essential to compete in today?s markets. Without a firm understanding of the psychology of trading, even the best stock picker will fail. The Trading Athlete gives specific instruction on how new and seasoned traders can keep themselves at the top of their mental game."?Tim Bourquin, Cofounder, and The Online Trading Expo

"This book is a great training camp for online traders. Doug and Shane will provide the knowledge and motivation to help you become a successful trader."?Jonathan Markowitz, Partner, SMW Trading Co., Inc.

Traders, just like athletes, face tremendous pressure, stress, and expectations that would crush the ordinary, unprepared individual. The Trading Athlete utilizes sport psychology strategies to provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and discipline needed to succeed and profit in the sink-or-swim world of online trading.

Using real-world examples of athletes and online traders, this book will help you reach the peak of your online trading performance with in-depth analysis of:

  • Building confidence in good times and bad
  • Handling losses by examining your methods
  • Focusing and maintaining concentration
  • Playing the game one trade at a time



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