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Not surprisingly, regular folks suddenly are paying much closer attention to the economy than ever. But economics, with its weird technical jargon and knotty concepts and formulas, can be a tough subject to come to grips with on your own. Enter Greg Ip and his Little Book of Economics. Like a patient, good-natured mentor, Greg, one of today's most respected economics journalists, walks you through everything you need to know about how the economy works. Short on technical jargon and long on clear, concise, plain-English explanations of important terms, concepts, events, historical figures, and major players, this revised and updated edition of Greg's bestselling guide clues you in on what the "dismal science" is really all about and why you should care. A fun, educational journey through the strange, sometimes counterintuitive world of economics,  The Little Book of Economics  delivers: Indispensable insights into everything that really matters about economics and its impact on everyday life Crystal clear explanations of crucial topics such as inflation, unemployment, the Federal Reserve, taxes, the budget deficit, and a lot more Priceless insights into the real roots of the global financial crisis and its aftermath, and of the United States' slugglish recovery and high unemployment Discussions of the dangers posed by risk-taking on Wall Street and soaring government debt Thought-provoking suggestions about what policymakers should do about growth, jobs, taxes, the deficit, and regulation going forward Expert analyses of globalization, the euro crisis, the sources of China's runaway growth, and why the gap between the rich and everyone else keeps getting bigger Special sections in each chapter that demystify the jargon and key concepts to help you understand each subject in detail and keep track of ongoing developments An accessible, thoroughly engaging look at how the economy really works and how it affects your everyday life,  The Little Book of Economics  is more than just a great source of information, it's a tool of survival in today's turbulent economic times.
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