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By Michael W Covel
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This is the story of how a group of rag tag students, many with no Wall Street experience, were trained to be millionaire traders. Think of Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice," played out in the real world with real money and real hiring and firing. However, these apprentices were thrown into the fire and challenged to make money almost immediately with millions at stake. They weren't trying to sell ice cream on the streets of New York City. They were trading stocks, bonds, currencies, oil and dozens of other markets to make millions. This story blows the roof off the conventional Wall Street success image so carefully crafted in popular culture: prestige, connections and no place at the table for the little guy to beat the market and beating the market is no small task. Legendary investor Benjamin Graham always said that analysts and fund managers as a whole could not beat the market because in a significant sense they were the market. On top of that, the academic community has argued for decades about efficient markets, once again implying there is no way to beat the market averages. Yet making big money, beating the market, is doable if you don't follow the herd, if you think outside the box. Anyone does have a chance to win in the market game, but he or she needs the right rules and attitude to play by. And those right rules and attitude collide against basic human nature.
AuthorMichael W Covel BindingHardcover
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