Secret Language of Influence

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By Dan Seidman
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Great selling is invisible. Influence occurs at a level just below the buyer’s awareness. That’s important because today’s buyer is savvy and all too familiar with traditional selling techniques. However, a few simple words—the right words—can transform an awkward sales call into a comfortable conversation and a resistant prospect into a happy customer. Some people, for example, want to hear about the money they’ll save, while others respond to the pain they’ll avoid. By identifying different ways buyers are motivated, salespeople can quickly customize their conversations and lead prospects to “yes.”  The Secret Language of Influence  reveals the best ways to approach buyers who are: Motivated by benefits vs. problems • Proactive vs. reactive • Big-picture vs. detailoriented • Systems thinkers vs. creative minds • Influenced by external feedback (testimonials, evidence) vs. internal factors (feelings, personal experiences, beliefs) From the use of storytelling, humor, and emotion-evoking language to words to avoid and questions that advance the sale, this entertaining and practical book demonstrates the power of words to break down resistance and change buyers’ minds If you want to make more sales, you need to speak the buyer’s language. Some buyers are like tortoises and others are like hares. Some are big-picture buyers and others are detail-oriented. And some, no matter how many fabulous benefits you describe, would rather hear about the pain they’ll avoid. Your job is to figure out what kind of buyer you’re selling to, and which words will lead them to “yes.” You don’t have to be a mind reader. It’s simple to do when you’re attuned to the subtle yet powerful force of language—listening carefully to map out your customer’s mind, then choosing words strategically to act as tools of influence.  The Secret Language of influence is a remarkably simple yet effective new approach to selling. Packed with stories, dialogues, and examples, the book delivers more than 30 psychologically insightful strategies for pinpointing how different people make decisions, and tailoring your sales message to match. You’ll learn how to: • Use pattern interrupt to grab attention and overcome resistance • Motivate proactive buyers who rush forward (then change their minds) and reactive buyers who make decisions slowly and methodically • Figure out if your prospect responds to external feedback (testimonials, evidence) or internal factors (feelings, beliefs) • Match your dialect to appeal to visual, auditory, or kinesthetic thinkers • Ask potent questions that elicit clear clues about your buyer • Use storytelling, humor, and emotions to maximum effect, and more! Great persuasion skills are invisible, happening just beneath a buyer’s awareness. With a few simple words—the right words—you can transform an awkward sales call into a comfortable conversation, and a resistant prospect into a happy customer.
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