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By Oliver L Velez
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How do you make quick intraday profits? How can you ride long-term trends? How can you make consistent money in the midst of a sideways, volatile market? Oliver Velez is giving you all the answers by granting you access to his own revolutionary trading tactics, ones which he has spent years perfecting.  Power Trading  brings together three remarkable trading approaches, which are the corner-stones of the educational sessions presented by Velez and his trading team. This DVD and guidebook combination was designed to help you identify the plays that will work best with your trading style, personality, and current portfolio. Watch the DVD and follow along as the plays unfold on the screen and page. This first-of-its-kind, comprehensive collection covers three profit-boosting systems: Micro Trading Tactics: Quick fire tactics that work in bull or bear markets How to profit from the “market maker’s lunch” What period of the market day provides the best risk/reward and what times to avoid.  
AuthorOliver L Velez BindingPaperback
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