Outperform the Dow Using Options Futures

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By Meissner Gunter
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"Outperform the Dow presents not only fascinating statistics about the performance of the Dow itself but also how to beat that performance with nearly four dozen different methods, from the basic to the sophisticated. You won?t often find strategies involving futures and options included in this type of discussion, but this practical guide shows how they can be used to boost your returns in simple, safe ways you might never have considered." –DARRELL JOBMAN, CoAuthor of The Complete Guide to Electronic Futures Trading The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the most widely followed equity index in the world, and the benchmark against which most U.S. investors measure their investment returns. Outperform the Dow outlines strategies and techniques that many investors have used to consistently beat this benchmark–and pump up their portfolio values. Outperform the Dow goes beyond simply discussing these strategies to provide solid, statistical evidence of their consistent superiority in up, down, and sideways markets. Learn here how you can profit from Dow–beating strategies that include: ? Last Year?s Winners n Smooth Risers ? Tuesday Opportunity ? Triple–Witching Days n Fool?s Forecast ? Semi–Monthly Analysis ? January Momentum ? Covered Call Writing ? October/June Straddles ? Exotic Options The objective of investing is to supply companies with capital and for the investor to gain profits. History shows that over time, certain techniques and strategies have consistently allowed savvy investors to gain exceptional profits. Discover the secrets of successful investors, climb down off the "buy–and–hold" bandwagon, and learn how to really make your money work for you with Outperform the Dow. Please visit our Web site at www.wileyfinance.com
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