Nice Teams Finish Last

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By Brian Cole Miller
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Don’t rock the boat. Don’t make waves. Don’t offend anyone. There’s a palpable feeling that clouds many team meetings and keeps them from being productive: over-politeness. And while the conflict that naturally exists in most organizations hasn’t gone away, it manifests itself in passive aggression, mediocrity, and a molasses-like inability to get anything done. Nice Teams Finish Last provides the antidote to this all too common tendency, giving managers, team leaders and members, and facilitators the practical exercises and assessment tools they need to battle “the nice trap” and start getting results! The book helps readers encourage skills such as constructive criticism, honest communication, and the kind of conflict that drives innovation and quality. From giving clear, sharp feedback, to effectively challenging others, this book provides the eye-opening tools teams need to achieve very nice results! Do you ever get the feeling that your team would be more productive if everyone would just say what it is they’re really thinking? Express their opinions without worrying about other people’s feelings, office politics, and the fear of pushing things off-track?  When it comes to working with others, we’re all taught not to make waves, and not to rock the boat. But when the tensions, conflicts, and differing opinions that naturally exist in every organization are left unspoken and unresolved, team meetings can be left in a cloud of mediocrity, passive-aggression, and a molasses-like inability to get anything done.  
AuthorBrian Cole Miller BindingPaperback
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