Momentum Explained Volume 1 WCD

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By Martin J. Pring
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This book forms part of the series Martin J. Faring on Technical Analysis. Like all the others in the series, its main value lies in the CD-ROM enclosed in the back cover. This little disk contains a complete multi-media presenta-tion of the subject matter contained in the workbook. Years ago I published videos on technical analysis, but the CD_ROM for-mat is far superior. Not only does each chapter play as a continuous pre-sentation but also the need to fast forward or rewind is eliminated. Instead, the user can click on any subject matter in the contents and move instantly there. This format also allows for an interactive quiz, so the user can quickly move through multiple choice questions or chart examples, all of which are scored at the end. In this way, you can easily discover any area that needs brushing up. The only title in the series that does not contain a quiz is How to Select Stocks Using Technical Analysis. The series itself is designed to expand on several of the subjects covered in the fourth edition of Technical Analysis Explained. Each of the book/CD-ROM combinations takes the reader into greater depth on the individual subjects. Diagrams and theoretical concepts are explained and then adapted to practical marketplace examples. It is normal in presentations of this nature to indicate the strong points of any indicator or concept, but these presentations also advise you of any known weaknesses of pitfalls they may have. Technical analysis is the art of identifying trend reversals at a relatively early stage and riding on that trend until the weight of the evidence shows or proves that the trend has reversed. The objective of this series is to pre-sent a substantial amount of that evidence in the form of indicators and con-cepts, so that readers of the workbooks and viewers of the CD-ROMs will be in a stronger position to identify such trend reversals. Please take note of the fact that technical analysis deals in prob
AuthorMartin J. Pring BindingHardcover
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