Maple Syrup Book

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By Eagleson J.
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My fascination with maple syrup began as a young child. Dad helped my brother and I put taps in trees outside our farmhouse and we diligently hung pails and checked for sap every day after school. Of course, we hounded our mother long enough she let us use her best pot to boil our sap and we sat beside the woodstove and watched that proverbial pot boil. The taste and the romance hooked me then and still have me today. The romance of maple syrup is unmistakable. Sugar shacks, wood fires, sleigh rides, traditional feasts and energetic music are woven into the fabric of a north-eastern North American springtime. This book takes you through the romance and the science of maple syrup. The first section of the book will walk you through the history of maple syrup, including native legends and folklore, pioneer methods and the traditions of family. The middle section shows you how maple syrup is made, including a chapter on the exact steps you should take to make syrup in your own backyard. The final section gets right to the heart of maple syrup -- eating and enjoying that wonderful liquid gold, complete with a few great recipes.
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