Make Film History

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“Make Film History! is an entirely new concept: a read it learn it do it introduction to the movies. Make Film History! unleashes the filmmaker in you. Reading the book, you enter the history of movies by learning what great filmmakers of the past accomplished and how they did it. Working the webpage, you use simple hands-on filmmaking exercises and software already installed on your computer to introduce yourself to filmmaking by writing, shooting, cutting, and mixing as the great filmmakers did it. Make Film History! is both a book and a hands-on website. The book describes crucial moments when movies fundamentally changed. It explains how yesterday s great filmmakers live on today in contemporary films. On the website, simple hands-on exercises put you in the place of (or next to) great filmmakers as they solved filmmaking problems. You watch or second-guess or do it yourself as the building blocks of movies emerge. Make Film History! is for every movie lover who has ever asked, How did they do that? or ever said, I d like to make a movie, too! “
AuthorRobert Gerst BindingPaperback