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By Damian Birkel
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Few events are more devastating than losing your job. And few are as isolating, as you struggle alone to get back on your feet. But the help you need is here! Author Damian Birkel has made the entire pink-slip-to-reemployment process as painless and easy to maneuver as possible in The job Search Checklist  This master checklist tells you exactly what to do, in what order, and with what tools and materials a complete step-by-step plan for landing your next job. Birkel, a career counselor and founder of the Professionals in Transition® Support Group, speaks from experience. He withstood painful job losses, and lived through the shock, stress, money worries, and erratic reemployment process. The experience opened his eyes to the avalanche of conflicting and confusing job search information available, and he was determined to do something about it. So now, whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, changing careers, or anxious about losing your job, Birkel’s complete bounce-back guide will help you: • Follow the 7-step process that’s proven to get results. • Successfully navigate the “Emotional Wave of Unemployment.” • Take stock of your skills, research jobs and companies, and create a highly effective “personal marketing plan” to promote yourself to potential employers. • Craft the right résumé for you, enhanced with keywords tailored for applicant 
tracking systems. • Create keyword Super Docs that increase your Internet application success rate by 
up to 50 percent. • Nail each of the many types of interviews, and much more. Don’t waste your time with unfocused, hit-or-miss tactics. Use this step-by-step toolkit to get the insights, methods, sample résumés, customizable cover letters, plus downloadable templates and invaluable checklists to get a new job fast!
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