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By Robert Slater
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Robert Slater has over 25 years of experience writing for Time, Newsweek, and UPI. Slater has written a number of bestselling business books, including J.Welch and the GE Way; The New York Times business bestseller Ovitz: The Inside Story of Hollywoods Most Controversial Powerbroker; Get Better or Get Beaten: 31 Leadership Secrets from GE's J.Welch, and Soros: The Life, Times, & Trading Secrets of the World's Greatest Investor. His latest book, Saving Big Blue: Leadership Lessons & Turnaround Tactics of IBMs Lou Gerstner, was published in September 1999.
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By Daniel Grotta
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J. R. R. Tolkien is one of the most beloved and enigmatic writers of the twentieth century, yet surprisingly little is known about the personal life of the author of  The Hobbit  and  Lord of the Rings . After a traumatic childhood, Tolkien experienced the bloody trenches of World War I, then lived most of his life as an Oxford scholar in a cloistered academic community. In this fascinating illustrated biography, author Daniel Grotta examines how much of Tolkien's personal experience fired his incredible imagination and led to the creation of Middle-earth and its inhabitants. Daniel Grotta  is a journalist and critic living in Pennsylvania.
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By Steve Nison
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“An exciting and valuable addition to the literature of technical analysis… this ancient Japanese technique is available to American traders in a comprehensive, well-written, and understandable format.” John Murphy, President JJM Technical Advisors, Inc. and Author of Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets It’s hard not to be too effusive about the quality of Nison’s work… reading [his book] was a pleasure. This is clearly one of the best investment books ever written…. We strongly recommend this book, which has already become an investment classic.
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By Richard D Wyckoff
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Jesse Livermore's Methods in Trading Stocks The material presented here first appeared as a continuing series of articles in the Magazine of Wall Street. They were obtained through exclusive interviews with Jesse Livermore by R.D. Wyckoff at a time when Livermore was the single most formidable factor in the market. After being "lost" for many years. these interviews are now brought together for the first time under the covers of a book. This book is a series of interviews of trading legend Jesse Livermore conducted by financial writer Richard D. Wyckoff. He reveals the exact methods and insights that Jessie Livermore used to make millions in the stock market. Some of the topics he discusses include: ⦁How to identify what kinds of stocks to buy and when ⦁The psychology of trading and how to get into a winning mindset ⦁Building a solid investment strategy that doesn't rely on trick or fads
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By Max H. Bazerman,Don A. Moore
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Behavioral decision research provides many important insights into managerial behavior. From negotiation to investment decisions, the authors weave behavioral decision research into the organizational realm by examining judgment in a variety of managerial contexts. Embedded with the latest research and theories, Managerial Decision Making 8th Edition gives students the opportunity to understand their own decision-making tendencies, learn strategies for overcoming cognitive biases, and become better decision makers. Max H. Bazerman is the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. In addition, Max is also formally affiliated with the Kennedy School of Government, the Psychology Department, and the Program on Negotiation at Harvard. He is the author or co-author of over 150 research articles and chapters, and the author of numerous other books. Max was named one of the top 30 authors, speakers, and teachers of management by Executive Excellence in each of their two most recent rankings. The Anatomy of Decisions 1 System 1 and System 2 Thinking 3 The Bounds of Human Attention and Rationality 5 Introduction to Judgmental Heuristics 7 An Outline of Things to Come 10Bill: Or he just thinks it is good to get rid both of ill and of bad people. Jane: I cannot believe this. That would not be very moral. When I'll see him, I will ask hi m about this, though it is a bit hard to talk with him about these matters. He can g et very
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By Badham John
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Veteran director John Badham explains the elements of action and suspense and dissects the essentials of any good scene from any genre. Badham’s list of “12 Questions You Must Ask Before Stepping On Set” is an absolute must in any filmmaker’s toolbox. Whether actor, director, cinematographer, production designer, or any other creative, Badham gives you the tools to deconstruct and solve scenes that either don’t work or need sharpening. Continuing the work begun in his best-selling book I’ll Be In My Trailer, Badham shares more insights into working with difficult actors, rehearsal techniques, and getting the best performance from your cast. ohn Badham, BA, MFA Yale University, DHL Columbia College, is a director and producer of theatrical films and television including Saturday Night Fever, WarGames, Short Circuit, Blue Thunder, Heroes, Criminal Minds, The Shield, Nikita, Psych. The Library of Congress recently selected Saturday Night Fever to be added to the National Registry of Films. Badham’s book I’ll Be In My Trailer, the Creative Wars Between Directors and Actors is used as a textbook in film schools worldwide. His films have been nominated for five Academy Awards and two Emmy Awards. He has won three Saturn Awards from the Academy of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the Grand Prize from the Paris International Science Fiction Festival. His areas of expertise are working with actors, action, suspense and fantasy films. As Dodge Professor of Film and Media at Chapman University, he teaches intermediate and advanced directing.
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By Damian Birkel
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Few events are more devastating than losing your job. And few are as isolating, as you struggle alone to get back on your feet. But the help you need is here! Author Damian Birkel has made the entire pink-slip-to-reemployment process as painless and easy to maneuver as possible in The job Search Checklist  This master checklist tells you exactly what to do, in what order, and with what tools and materials a complete step-by-step plan for landing your next job. Birkel, a career counselor and founder of the Professionals in Transition® Support Group, speaks from experience. He withstood painful job losses, and lived through the shock, stress, money worries, and erratic reemployment process. The experience opened his eyes to the avalanche of conflicting and confusing job search information available, and he was determined to do something about it. So now, whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, changing careers, or anxious about losing your job, Birkel’s complete bounce-back guide will help you: • Follow the 7-step process that’s proven to get results. • Successfully navigate the “Emotional Wave of Unemployment.” • Take stock of your skills, research jobs and companies, and create a highly effective “personal marketing plan” to promote yourself to potential employers. • Craft the right résumé for you, enhanced with keywords tailored for applicant 
tracking systems. • Create keyword Super Docs that increase your Internet application success rate by 
up to 50 percent. • Nail each of the many types of interviews, and much more. Don’t waste your time with unfocused, hit-or-miss tactics. Use this step-by-step toolkit to get the insights, methods, sample résumés, customizable cover letters, plus downloadable templates and invaluable checklists to get a new job fast!
AuthorDamian Birkel BindingPaperback