Investment Philosophies

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By Aswath Damodaran
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Choosing the right investment philosophy is the heart of successful investing. To make the choice, though, you need to look within before you look outside. In the  Second Edition  of  Investment Philosophies,  New York University Stern Business School Professor Aswath Damodaran will help you do this by going beyond the simple explanations of traditional and alternative investment strategies to discuss the individual underlying philosophies that support these techniques. This reliable resource skillfully explores many of the time-tested investment philosophies that have allowed investors to reap financial rewards over the years, including value investing, growth investing, technical analysis, market timing, arbitrage, indexing, and more. Along the way, it exposes you to a wide array of investment philosophies so as to give you a sense of what drives investors in each one, how they attempt to put these philosophies into practice, and what determines ultimate success. Author Aswath Damodaran also supplies you with the tools—the definition and measurement of risk, the notion of market efficiency and how to test for inefficiencies, and the components and determinants of trading costs—and empirical evidence for you to make your own judgments on the investment philosophy that fits your specific investment goals and views of how markets work. Filled with valuable insights and useful formulas, this book provides you with the information you need to pick an investment philosophy that is right for you. With the  Second Edition  of  Investment Philosophies  as your guide, you can enter the markets with confidence and exit with profits.
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