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By Tarun Chopra
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The real India remains buried under the news of natural disasters and poverty the existence of which you cannot deny, but you can still see all its beauty, and magic. This work covers India, the most exotic place of this fascinating continent. "Tarun Chopra is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has produced some of the most stunning photographic art books on India. Each book of his has been a commercial success story in itself, with some titles well into their tenth edition. Art connoisseurs from across the globe collect his photographs. At present, Tarun is working on a project called Threads of Compassion, for which he is travelling around the world and interviewing and photographing world religious readers in their own habitat. The pursuit of this endeavor has made him trek to the Tikal Jungles in Guatemala to meet the Mayan leader, accompany Chief Rabbi to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and photograph the Chief Priest of Greek Orthodox Church conducting the Mass in Athens. "
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