Healthy Food for Children Hindi

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By Mehta Nick
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The saying "Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" is completely true. Breakfast is your start of the day and as the name suggests it is necessary to "break" the "fast" that has been going on since dinner the previous night to fuel your body for the day. A good breakfast keeps you energetic and healthy as it provides the necessary nutrient boost and prevents bingeing on high calorie foods in latter part of the day. Healthy Breakfast, my latest addition to Total Health Series, comprises of 54 sumptuous breakfast ideas. All the recipes in this book are made with commonly available ingredients. Care has been taken to avoid high fat, processed and refined foods and use low calorie natural variants instead. Recipes have been compiled using combinations of fruits and vegetables with cereals and pulses and minimal use of fat. On days when you are on the go, try recipes from the section Breakfast in a Jiffy or Breakfast Using Left-overs. When you have the time to do that little bit extra to make your breakfast special, make a couple of things from the section Breakfast with Planning. Also included are sections on Healthy Drinks, Butter Substitutes and Salt Substitutes. Turn to this book to add more colour, flavour, nourishment and variety to the most important meal of the day and ensure good health for the day and ever. Not just for yourself but for your entire family.
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