Finance for Nonfinancial Managers

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By Katherine Wagner
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Finance for Non-Financial Managers Your success in business depends on your ability to understand and improve "the numbers." Finance for Non-Financial Managers provides you with twenty-four plain-English lessons covering the basics of accounting, financial statements, and budgeting. Packed with tips and insights for reading a financial statement, measuring profitability, tracking cash flow, and more, this fingertip guide to the essentials of accounting will show you how to: Put numbers in context * Read and understand footnotes * Determine if inventory is too high * Ensure that sales are recorded properly * Use key ratios * Set realistic sales goals * Understand what an auditor does * Learn where to go for answers * Spot potential problem areas Before you can accurately assess a company's strengths and weaknesses, you must understand the language of finance. Finance for Non-Financial Managers will allow you to comprehend and speak that language by giving you a fundamental knowledge of where your organization's numbers come from, what they mean, and what you can do to improve them. Katherine Wagner, CPA, is a consultant to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and other top accounting firms. Her articles on business and finance have appeared in a variety of industry magazines, journals, and newsletters.
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