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By Jon Fitzgerald
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Industry veteran Jon Fitzgerald has developed a new manual for making socially activist films on a low budget, from concept development through production, from marketing through distribution.In straightforward sections, with descriptive breakdowns for each category, the book presents a new paradigm for social impact filmmaking in the modern age — including case studies on numerous films and advice from industry professionals on each topic.
AuthorJon Fitzgerald BindingPaperback
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By Frank Partnoy
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FIASCO  is the shocking story of one man's education in the jungles of Wall Street. As a young derivatives salesman at Morgan Stanley, Frank Partnoy learned to buy and sell billions of dollars worth of securities that were so complex many traders themselves didn't understand them. In his behind-the-scenes look at the trading floor and the offices of one of the world's top investment firms, Partnoy recounts the macho attitudes and fiercely competitive ploys of his office mates. And he takes us to the annual drunken skeet-shooting competition, FIASCO, where he and his colleagues sharpen the killer instincts they are encouraged to use against their competitiors, their clients, and each other. FIASCO  is the first book to take on the derivatves trading industry, the most highly charged and risky sector of the stock market. More importantly, it is a blistering indictment of the largely unregulated market in derivatives and serves as a warning to unwary investors about real fiascos, which have cost billions of dollars.
AuthorFrank Partnoy BindingPaperback
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By Mufti Shahan
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Shahan Mufti’s family history, which he can trace back fourteen hundred years to the inner circle of the prophet Muhammad, offers an enlightened perspective on the mystifying history of Pakistan. Mufti uses the stories of his ancestors, many of whom served as judges and jurists in Muslim sharia courts of South Asia for many centuries, to reveal the deepest roots—real and imagined—of Islamic civilization in Pakistan.
AuthorMufti Shahan BindingHardcover
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By Thomas N. Bulkowski
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Fundamental Analysis and Position Trading  is the second volume in the  Evolution of a Trader  series. It is the ideal guide for those interested in building long-term wealth using the buy-and-hold strategy favored by legendary investors such as Warren Buffett and Ben Graham. It also features additional coverage of position trading, a popular trading style among today's value investors. In the first part of the book, Bulkowski gets you up to speed on the full range of fundamental factors involved in buy-and-hold stock selection, including book value, price-to-earnings ratio, capital spending, cash flow, dividends, long-term debt, price-to-sales ratio, shares outstanding, return on shareholder equity, and more. He provides priceless tips on how long to hold and how to know when it's time to sell. The book includes handy tables matching fundamental factors against various hold times and showing which factor is most important for a particular hold time.
AuthorThomas N. Bulkowski BindingHardcover
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By The Times of India
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The square is a straight circle. The velocity of your cough is 60mph. A peanut is neither a pea nor a nut. Find more of such hard to digest yet intersting matter of facts in this book.
AuthorThe Times of India BindingHARDCOVER
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By Larry P. Ritzman,Lee J. Krajewski
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Larry P. Ritzman  is the Thomas J. Galena, Jr. Professor in Operations and Strategic Management at Boston College. He previously served at The Ohio State University for twenty-three years, where he acted as department chairperson and received several awards for both teaching and research. He received his doctorate at Michigan State University, having had prior industrial experience at the Babcock and Wilcox Company. Over the years, he has been privileged to teach and learn more about operations management with numerous students at all levels-undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, and doctorate. Particularly active in the Decision Sciences Institute, Larry has served as Council Coordinator, Publications Committee Chair, Track Chair, Vice President, Board Member, Executive Committee Member, Doctoral Consortium Coordinator, and President. He was elected a Fellow of the Institute in 1987 and earned the Distinguished Service Award in 1996. He has received three best-paper awards. He is a frequent reviewer, discussant, and session chair for several other professional organizations. Larry's areas of particular expertise are operations strategy, production and inventory systems, forecasting, multistage manufacturing, disaggregation, scheduling, and layout. An active researcher, Larry's publications have appeared in such journals as  Decision Sciences, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Harvard Business Review,  and  Management Science.  He has served in various editorial capacities for several journals. Lee J. Krajewski  is the William R. and F. Cassie Daley Professor of Manufacturing Strategy at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to joining Notre Dame, Lee was a faculty member at The Ohio State University, where he received the University Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award and the College of Business Outstanding Faculty Research Award. He initiated the Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Management and served as its director for four years. In addition, he received the National President's Award and the National Award of Merit of the American Production and Inventory Control Society. He served as President Elect of the Decision Sciences Institute and was elected a Fellow of the Institute in 1988.  
AuthorLarry P. Ritzman,Lee J. Krajewski BindingPaperback
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By Dr.Surendar Sahai
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The building of forts and palaces has always been regarded as a symbol of dynastic pride. There are hundreds of forts in different parts of the country and a vast number of them survive in sheer ruins. In the present book. Dr Sahai has selected only a few of these magnificent forts and palaces for the modern reader, aiming at creating a greater awareness about the preservation of our tremendous architectural heritage
AuthorDr.Surendar Sahai BindingHardcover
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By Howard Schilit
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Dr. Howard Schilit is a pioneer in the field of detecting accounting tricks in corporate financial reports that mislead investors. He is the author of  Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports , now in its 3rd Edition. Howard was the founder and CEO of CFRA, a global forensic accounting research organization. He has been a leading spokesman before the US Congress, the SEC, and global media outlets about the causes and early warning signs of accounting tricks in public filings. Dr. Schilit began his career as an Associate Professor of Accounting at American University and continues to teach and lecture all over the world. Dr. Schilit holds his doctorate in Accounting from the University of Maryland.
AuthorHoward Schilit BindingHardcover
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By Philip Arestis,Luiz Fernando de Paula
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Empirical research has shown that there is little relationship between financial liberalization and economic growth in emerging countries. Although international financial integration should, in principle, help countries to reduce macroeconomic instability and enhance economic growth, the available evidence suggests that developing countries have not always reaped these potential benefits. This volume discusses the relationship between financial liberalisation, financial deepening and economic performance from both a theoretical and a policy perspective, comparing several 'big' emerging countries – Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa – as well as presenting case studies. Its main contribution is to analyse issues that are related to financial liberalisation in emerging countries focusing on recent experiences, with a particular focus on the policy dimension of financial liberalisation: the degree of autonomy of domestic economic policy, and the different policy responses by countries to deal with issues caused by the international financial integration. This volume includes contributions from a wide range of experts on finance liberalisation and the economics of developing countries, and will be of great interest to scholars and policymakers in these crucial areas.
AuthorPhilip Arestis,Luiz Fernando de Paula BindingHardcover
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By Jurgen Hakala,Uwe Wystup
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This title provides all the essential quantitative tools for foreign exchange options in an understandable and logical manner. It covers the financial management of foreign exchange risk together with analysis of different methods for mitigating and controlling cross-currency price differentials. The authors show how both market risk and model risk can be managed by choosing a suitable price model and highlight leading qualitative research concerned primarily with FX derivatives. Jurgen Hakala has been head of quantitative research at Commerzbank Treasury and Financial Products for four years. His research areas are models and products for FX derivatives and hybrid interest rate and FX models. Computational finance is a central element for all his research. He received a Master's degree in theoretical physics from the University of Karlsruhe and a PhD in mathematics from the University of Bonn at the Institute for Neural Networks. Uwe Wystup is a quantitative research specialist at Commerzbank Treasury and Financial Products, Frankfurt and is a founder and manager of the website MathFinance and the MathFinance newsletter. Uwe has a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in valuing exotic options under short selling restraints. He also lectures on mathematical finance for Goethe University in Frankfurt and organizes the Frankfurt MathFinance Colloquium. Before that he worked for Deutsche Bank, Citibank, UBS and Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. Uwe has given many presentations at both universities and banks around the world.
AuthorJurgen Hakala,Uwe Wystup BindingPaperback
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By Gil Bettman
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 Betttman’s voluminous tome on directing, is the real deal. A must-read for any serious aspiring director." --  INDIE SLATE MAGAZINE Michael Wiese Productions, United States, 2003. Paperback. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Bettman (film, Chapman University) gives practical advice on how to handle the craft and people-management side of film directing. The book is tailored specifically for the director taking on his or her first professional assignment, and focuses on what a director must know to control the set. Cover.  Seller Inventory
AuthorGil Bettman BindingPaperback
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By David Cameron
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The memoir of former Prime Minister David Cameron. David Cameron was elected Conservative leader in 2005, promising to modernise the party following its three successive electoral defeats. He became Prime Minister in 2010, forming Britain’s first coalition government in 70 years, at a moment of economic crisis, and went on to win the first outright Conservative majority for 23 years at the 2015 general election. In For the Record, Cameron explains how the governments he led transformed the UK economy while implementing a modern, compassionate agenda that included reforming education and welfare, legalising gay marriage, honouring the UK’s commitment to overseas aid and spearheading environmental policies. He will shed light on the seminal world events of his premiership – the Arab Spring; the rise of ISIS; the invasion of Ukraine; the conflicts in Libya, Iraq and Syria – as well as events at home, from the Olympic Games in 2012 to the Scottish referendum. He will also provide, for the first time, his perspective on the EU referendum and his views on the future of Britain’s place in the world in the light of Brexit. Revealing the battles and achievements of his life and career in intimate and frank detail, For the Record will be an important assessment of the significant political events of the last decade, the nature of power and the role of leadership at a time of profound global change.
AuthorDavid Cameron BindingHardcover
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