Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts

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By Thomas N. Bulkowski
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In each chapter of Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts, you'll find: Behavior and Rank, which show how each candle is theoretically supposed to work and how it actually does in both bull and bear markets, including rankings against other candlesticks plus the psychology behind the pattern Identification Guidelines that describe what to look for Statistics, which include the following tables: general statistics, height statistics, andvolume stats Trading Tactics that discuss strategies to increase profits and minimize risk, plus tables of reversal rates and indicators to improve performance Sample Trades, which walk you through a hypothetical or actual trade using real data For Best Performance, a quick-reference tableof selection tips to boost performance Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts also includes chapters that contain important discoveries, statistical summaries, a discussion of distinct methodologies that explain each table entry in detail, a glossary of relevant terms, and a visual index to make candlestick identification easy. Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced hedge fund manager, the Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts has something for you. No other book combines a comprehensive list of candlesticks with a statistical review of their performance?in both bull and bear markets?in one easily accessible package. The information you find here will quickly enhance your understanding of this field and allow you to trade in a more effective way.
AuthorThomas N. Bulkowski BindingHardcover
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