Economics for Investment Decision Makers

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By Christopher D. Piros
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The same principle applies to virtually every investment decision you make or financial strategy you develop. Whether you're an institutional investor, or a financial analyst, wealth manager, financial advisor, or professional trader, without a solid understanding of economics essentials?such as supply and demand curves, business cycles, systemic risk, debt, monetary policy, liquidity conditions, and consumer confidence?you're operating in a vacuum. Economics is a very wide-ranging discipline, full of arcane jargon and complex concepts. If you're like most finance professionals today, you have little time to invest in taking an academic economics course geared specifically to your needs. Problem solved: Economics for Investment Decision Makers. Like a wise and patient tutor, Economics for Investment Decision Makers guides you through all the economics terms, concepts, theories, practices, and principles that investment professionals need to understand in order to make sense of global economic events and to formulate investment decisions based on a deep understanding of the economic realities that drive the markets. Unlike other economics books you'll find, this plain-English guide combines coverage of both the microeconomics and macroeconomics that investors and analysts require to intelligently interpret economic news. It delivers clear, straightforward coverage of the full range of micro- and macro- fundamentals, as well as in-depth coverage of an array of specific topics of immediate relevance to your practice, including international trade, foreign exchange markets, currency exchange rate forecasting, to name just a few.
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