Complete Guide to Technical Analysis

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By Pring Martin
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Martin Pring’s Complete Guide To Technical Analysis: An Indian Perspective comes in handy when P/E ratios and profit projections fail to work. Such fundamentals, do not have a direct impact on market performance, according to the book. Technical analysis, which is free from distortion, hype, and misrepresentation or assumptions made by market analysts. Technical analysis assumes the applicability of one trend till a new trend rises, and such evidence can used to get more profits when trading and investing. Technically analysed principles can be applied to any time frame, historic period, and time frame. This book is specifically written for Indian investors and traders, and is replete with illustrations of Indian market situations. It includes examples from Indian indices and stocks. It also contains some unique market indicators from the Indian market, to help Indian traders and investors. Martin Pring’s Complete Guide To Technical Analysis An Indian Perspective was authored by Martin J Pring, and is available in paperback. The first edition of the book was published in 2006 by Shroff. Key Features: This particular book is specially designed for both learners and intermediate investors and traders
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