Come Into My Trading Room

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By Dr.Alexander Elder
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How long will it take you to become a competent trader and how much will it cost? What markets should you trade and how much can you expect to make? What rules should you set, what methods should you use, how should you split your trading capital? If these questions interest you, you picked the right book. Written by a professional trader, an expert in technical analysis, and a practicing psychiatrist,A Complete Guide To Trading Comes out nine years after Dr. Alexander Elder's international bestseller Trading for a living, reflecting his latest discoveries and concepts. opens with a brief primer aptly named Financial Trading for Babes in the Woods aimed at newcomers, but containing important information for experienced traders. It clarifies topics whose mastery is essential for everyone: what markets to trade, how to interpret financial theories, and how to handle common barriers to success. Moving up from the basics to the heart and soul of Dr. Elder's methods,  Come Into My Trading Room  teaches the three key aspects of trading—Mind, Method, and Money. First, you see that the key to winning is in your mind—discipline. Then you learn how to find the best trades and make the most efficient entry and exit decisions. Dr. Elder shares his favorite analytic tools and covers system testing, day-trading, as well as longer-term swing trading, his new Impulse trading system, and a new SafeZone method for placing stops. These methods will allow you to trade with a high level of confidence in any market—stocks, futures, options, or currencies. Moving beyond technical analysis, Dr. Elder teaches you the rules of money management that are essential for your survival and success. He shows how to structure your account like a submarine, divided into many compartments, so that it won't sink if one section becomes flooded. The next section of this comprehensive trading guide The Organized Trader takes you where no trading book has ever gone before. It teaches you how to organize your time and effort. You learn to select markets and design a decision-making tree. Good records help you learn from your experiences and rise to a higher level of expertise. Dr. Elder clearly outlines four types of records three of them looking back and one looking forward that are essential for any serious trader. In the final section of this book, Dr. Elder delivers another first in trading literature he invites you into his trading room and takes you with him on half a dozen of his recent trades, illustrating entries and exits with charts. Distilling twenty years of trading and teaching experience, this book will put you on the road to mastering a new way of trading stocks, futures, options, and currencies. By the time you leave Dr. Elder's trading room, you'll be in a position to take your trading to a higher, more intelligent, and successful level.
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