Catering Management

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By Nancy Loman Scanlon
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The essential, comprehensive guide to successful catering business management Catering is more than simply creating and executing a great menu. It′s knowing how to successfully market your business, keep costs in line, and make sure the entire operation runs smoothly. Catering Management offers professionals and aspiring caterers detailed advice on all of the crucial business aspects of the subject for on– and off–premise catering. Updated to address the needs of this fast–growing industry, the Second Edition covers many current topics such as the latest trends in cuisine and meal concepts, marketing techniques for the home replacement food business, and new special events service concepts. Fresh information on menu design and pricing comes complete with all–new menu examples illustrating a full range of menu possibilities and styles. The book also offers concrete tips on using the latest computer software to maximize your functions′ sales and profits.  
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By Nancy Loman Scanlon,PHD
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Brand New International Paper-back Edition same as per description, **Economy edition, May have been printed in Asia with cover stating Not for sale in US. Legal to use despite any disclaimer on cover. Save Money. Contact us for any queries. Best Customer Support! All Orders shipped with Tracking Number.
AuthorNancy Loman Scanlon,PHD BindingPaperback
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