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By Caroline Crabtree,Pam Stallebrass
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An illustrated, comprehensive reference work and guide to beadwork from all corners of the globe - from Greenland to Japan, and from the Zulu and Swazi in South Africa to the Eskimo-Aleuts people of the Arctic. An introduction to beadwork is followed by a survey of bead manufacturing centres in Europe (Venice, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Lyons) and Asia (India, Taiwan, Japan). Then there are four sections on beadwork made in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Oceania and the Arabian Gulf, and Europe. Each has an introduction, with a map showing trade routes, and then sections divided geographically, from East Africa to Greenland. The fifth section is on construction and technical terms, with specially-taken photographs of items made using these techniques. This is followed by an illustrated discussion about collecting and conserving beadwork, and a list of museums.
AuthorCaroline Crabtree,Pam Stallebrass BindingHardcover
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